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Neil Finn Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Have on Hand at the Moment?

N. Mullane, Neil In addition to his work with Crowded House, Split Enz (which he co-fronted with his brother Tim), and Fleetwood Mac, New Zealand's Finn OBE is also a successful solo artist and member of the Grammy Award-winning band. Finn gained notoriety in the late '70s through his work with Split Enz, for whom he penned hits like “One Step Ahead,” “History Never Repeats,” “I Got You,” and “Message to My Girl.”

After the dissolution of Split Enz in 1984, Finn formed Crowded House in 1985 with the band's former drummer Paul Hester. Finn also wrote the group's hit track from 1987, “Don't Dream It's Over,” which helped propel them to global fame.

After the breakup of Crowded House in 1996, lead singer Neil Finn and his brother released two albums as the Finn Brothers before reuniting Crowded House in 2006. Finn joined Fleetwood Mac in April of 2018 for their upcoming tour. In addition to his collaborations with various artists on the 7 Worlds Collide CD, Finn has released numerous successful solo albums.

Finn has been called the “most prolific writer of fantastic tunes” by Radiohead's Ed O'Brien.

Net Worth $30 Million
Name Neil Finn
Date of Birth 27-May-1958
Age in 2022 64
Birth Place
Te Awamutu, Waikato region, North Island, New Zealand
Country New Zealand

What is Neil Finn's Net Worth?

According to CelebrityNetWorth, Neil Finn, a New Zealand singer-songwriter and musician, has a net worth of $30 million. Among music fans, Neil is probably most recognizable as the lead singer of the band Crowded House. With his brother Tim, he formed the band Split Enz, and he has also enjoyed success as a solo artist.

One Step Ahead, “I Got You,” “Message to My Girl” by Split Enz, and “Don't Dream it's Over” by Crowded House are just a few of the hits he penned for those groups. Finn has also released a pair of albums alongside his brother Tim, in addition to his many solo efforts.

Neil Finn Career Highlights

Sharon Finn has also been seen in both Crowd House and Watching Angels Mend, both of which were directed by Alex Lloyd. Her better half is also extraordinarily strong from each other in the professional lives that they lead.

neil finn net worth

Neil, a writer who is 51 years old, and his significant other Sharon started exploring other paths regarding music after Sharon's children moved out. Their enterprise, which is currently being prepared for the rest of the world to hear, is called Pajama Party.

They came up with the name “Pajama Party” for their organization. When the guys left the house, the couple was taken aback by the fact that they had only lately begun connecting with one another. Also read:- Idina Menzel Net Worth: How Much Money Does She Make Every Year?

It's a second that two or three people have no idea how to plan for; suddenly, they have a lot of energy available, and they have to figure out what to do collectively in order to make the most of it. After that, we started composing music for the sheer fun of it.

Neil Finn's Personal Life: Wife/Kids

An In-Depth Analysis of Her Marital Status Sharon Finn and Neil Finn got married after dating for a long period. Sharon Dawn Johnson is her full name; Neil wed her on February 13, 1982. Sharon has been a background singer for Alex Lloyd in both Crowded House and Watching Angels Mend.

neil finn net worth

In their professional careers, the pair have an equal amount of respect for one another. They started a band named Pajama Club while their sons were away at college. The singer is currently delving into her inner planner and maker in an effort to build a significantly more clear and more concise persona.

Children of Sharon Finn: More Information Liam Mullane Finn and Elroy Timothy Finn are Sharon Finn's two sons. Liam was Neil Finn's firstborn, born in 1983; his youngest, Elroy, was born in 1989. The artist's two children are both talented musicians. Read more:- Witney Carson Net Worth: How Rich the American Professional Dancer is?

The mother has reason to be proud of her children's performance because they are both talented singers. The parents of a child are pivotal figures in shaping their identity and future success in life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Marriages Does Neil Finn Have?

Sharon Dawn Johnson is Neil Finn's Spouse.

How Many Relationships Did Neil Finn Have?

At Least One Previous Relationship Existed for Neil Finn.

How Many Kids Does Neil Finn Have?

He's Got Two Kids. Must read:- Joel Schreiber Net Worth: Why He is Important in Terms of the Real Estate Sector?

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