Ned Fulmer and Wife Ariel Seen Together Despite Affair Scandal!

Despite his reputation as a “wife guy” on his YouTube channel, The Try Guys, Ned Fulmer has been found cheating on his wife, Ariel. Their future together is uncertain.

What became of the couple that fans had fallen in love with? Where will this leave the couple, who have two children?

Who is Ariel, Ned Fulmer's Spouse?

Ned Fulmer‘s wife, Ariel, is one of the four “Try Guys” who will try anything on their YouTube channel.

They tied the knot in 2012 and now raise son Wesley James and daughter Finley. Ariel is a designer, interior designer, stylist, podcast host, and cookbook author, according to her Instagram bio.

Her and Ned's partnership extended to writing a cookbook and making frequent appearances on the podcast You Can Sit With Us.


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Ned Fulmer's Affair: Fact or Fiction?

It's sad that Ned admitted to cheating on his wife of ten years. Even before his cheating became public knowledge, he had been conspicuously missing from the channel. Ned had an inappropriate but mutually agreeable affair with a coworker.

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Is There a Statement From Ned Fulmer?

Ned released a statement after his infidelity became public knowledge online “I should have made my family my top priority, but instead I had an open relationship with a coworker.

“I want to apologize to the boys, the fans, and especially Ariel for any hurt I may have caused. My immediate priorities will be my family: my wife and my children.”


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A statement from Ariel Fulmer has also been issued. A post by the designer on Instagram read: “It means a lot that people have reached out to me. Nothing matters more to Ned and me than our family, so please, for the sake of our children, respect our need for privacy at this time.”

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After parting ways with Ned, the Try Guys issued a formal statement explaining the situation. Following “a comprehensive internal evaluation,” it stated, “we do not see a road ahead together.” “To help us through this transition, we appreciate your patience and understanding.