Nazi Busters – Yes You Read That Right

After all these years, have you become tired of World War II and wish to see a fresh take on it? Get to know the Nazi Busters.

There's no ambiguity in the title here, as you'll still be on the lookout for bad guys despite the fact that the battle has been rewritten.

This first-person shooter from Iron Wolf Studio features the one-liners of Mr. Nukem as well as the brutal violence of Wolfenstein.

If you were under the impression that this was about flower arranging, perhaps this clarifies things. The comic element is prominent in this film, as it will be in the future UnMetal.

Nazi Busters

I was looking for the specifics of the ‘alternative' plot, but couldn't seem to track it down, so here's a clarification on Nazi Buster's mission statement:

“Your objective is as straight as a Luger’s barrel: kill as many Nazis as it’s humanly possible, unearth their miraculous technological wonders and change the course of history… and don’t forget to come back with a thousand Nazi scalps”

Key Features of Nazi Busters

  • You'll be treated to highly styled images in a throwback look reminiscent to Wolfenstein 3D
  • Consider yourself warned: you're about to be treated to an overwhelming dosage of brash humor akin to Duke Nukem Forever.

Nazi Busters

  • Witness the power and might of the Wunderwaffe: an alternate vision of World War II has enabled Nazis to realize their most fanciful dreams for experimental armament
    Repel Nazi hordes in a fast-paced, blitzkrieg-style gameplay environment.
  • The demo is already out in 2021

Nazi Busters Trailer

Final Words

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