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National Trivia Day: January 4 2023 | Who Invented It?

National Trivia Day

You are at the right place, and Here you will find information about National Trivia Day. It's understandable why our fixation with trivia has permeated popular culture for so long.

Most of us are inherently competitive and social beings, and trivia combines the two brilliantly. Today is your chance to shine if you appreciate surprising your friends with unique statistics and trivia!

National Trivia Day's History

On the radio show “Take It or Leave It” from the 1940s, one of the earliest variations of what we now know as a trivia game made its premiere.

Soon later, in 1964, “Jeopardy!” debuted on television and quickly became widely regarded as the country's most recognizable game show.

Trivia night swept through college campuses around the US at the same time in the 1960s (think competitive and social plus beer).

Then, in the 1970s, pub quizzes started to appear in the UK to encourage people to visit their neighborhood pubs on typically dull evenings.

Trivial Pursuit, one of the most well-known board games in the world, was created in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, in 1979 as trivia began to gain popularity due to Chris Haney and Scott Abbott.

Since then, online gaming and other technologically advanced mediums have helped spread our passion for obscure information worldwide.

While some individuals may consider trivia “trivial,” for others, it can be very significant.

Leagues and tournaments are widespread worldwide, and the fierce competitiveness in some of them has led to extreme methods like cheating.

Mobile phones are frequently prohibited from competitions to prevent covert searches for answers.

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The ridiculous facts and friendly competition make trivia appealing to many socially competitive people.

Activities for National Trivia Day

Entertaining Meetings at Work

Bring a few entertaining trivia questions to each meeting to inspire discussion. The winner can go five minutes earlier. Thank you, colleague!

Test Your Buddies

What could be better than a night of trivia, a group of pals, and plenty of beer? Not a lot! Trivia night is a true team sport when everyone contributes their favorite trivial facts to win prizes and get free beer.

Inflate Your Ego

Visit Sporcle for more than a million quizzes on a virtually limitless range of subjects. Numerous methods increase the difficulty level, such as choosing to be timed or playing along with others. In either case, the website has tons of metrics you can use to show off your trivia gaming prowess.

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5 Fun Facts About Trial Pursuit

True Colors

The Arts & Literature playing piece is currently purple; it used to be brown.


One question appeared on 1,000 separate cards in the board game's original version's 6,000 questions, one for each category.

Special Editions

The most well-known of the several special editions of the original Trivial Pursuit game is Trivial Pursuit: Master Edition.

The Popularity of Pop Culture

Other special editions of the game that may be found among the top 10 best sellers pay homage to the Harry Potter film series, the entire genre of horror films, and Friends the TV series.

Legendary player

Inducted into the “Games Hall of Fame” in 1993, Trivial Pursuit sold more than 100 million games by 2014.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Invented National Trivia Day?

Chris Haney and Scott Abbott, two men from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, invented Trivial Pursuit in 1979 after becoming angry when they discovered that parts of their Scrabble game had vanished. This gave them the idea to develop their own game.

What Function Does Trivia Serve?

You enhance your cognitive abilities by learning and responding to questions. You may increase your intellect and sharpen your mental faculties by learning about topics that interest you and retaining the information.

When Did National Trivia Day Debut?


According to, the inaugural National Trivia Day was held in 1980 and was given its name by Robert L. Birch of Puns Corps, a year before Trivial Pursuit was released in Canada…

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