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National Live Creative Day 2022: 14th September | When Is It Celebrated?

September 14 is National Live Creative Day, and what better way to celebrate than to live creatively?

Even though this holiday has only existed briefly, its significance cannot be overstated. These are the best tips for celebrating this particular event.

Facts About A Creative Lifestyle

National Live Creative Day 2022

  • According to scientific studies, a little nap can aid in reigniting the creative process.
  • Conformity stifles original thought.
  • People who are creative life longer than those who are not.
  • Night owls are typically more inventive.
  • Positivity can aid in fostering creativity.
  • Stress inhibits creativity.
  • According to studies, a creative personality does not exist. Everyone can acquire the ability to be more creative.
  • The use of sarcasm may enhance creative thought.
  • Physical activity can enhance creative thinking.
  • Over time, creativity can be enhanced by travel and meditation.
  • It has been established that bilingualism increases creativity.
  • Instructing someone to be more creative can stimulate their creativity.
  • Those who frequently daydreams are more likely to be creative.
  • Those that are creative also take the time to observe their surroundings.
  • Additionally, creative people make time for isolation.
  • Observing other individuals is a common trait among imaginative individuals.
  • Creative individuals are surrounded by art.

History of National Live Creative Day

National Live Creative Day was established in 2016 by the American firm Creative Promotional Products. The company, founded in 1994 and situated in Chicago, Illinois, offers full-service promotional items to brands.

National Live Creative Day 2022

  • They offer extensive services, including brand awareness campaigns, custom-decorated clothes, corporate and executive gifts, incentive programs, and printing services.
  • The corporation created the holiday as part of Live Creative’s campaign to inspire people to live more creatively.
  • The term “creative” can be traced back to the Latin word creo, meaning to make or create. Historically, time was used to describe a characteristic that could only be attributed to a divine creator – God.
  • In addition, the Ancient Greeks did not consider creativity a notion.
  • Maciej Kazimierz Sarbiewski, a Polish poet who lived in the 17th century, was the first to employ the term “creativity eventually.”
  • He only used the term regarding poetry, though. In a scholarly essay, Graham Walls did not name the four stages of the creative process until 1926, when he categorized them as preparation or saturation, incubation, illumination, and verification.
  • In modern times, creativity has become synonymous with unconventional ideas and out-of-the-box thinking. It is no longer restricted to fields such as the arts and literature but extends to every part of life, including the job and parenthood.

National Live Creative Day was established by Creative Promotional Products, a firm founded in 1994. They established Live Creative, an initiative that encouraged people to live their best, most creative lives, shortly after launching their company.

When is the National Day of Creativity?

National Creativity Day is observed annually on May 30 to raise awareness of the significance of creativity and innovation in issue solving.
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