Natalia Dyer Net Worth: How Rich Is She & What’s Her Real Age?

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A Bit About Natalia Dyer: Actress Natalia Danielle Dyer is from the United States. She is most known for playing Nancy Wheeler in the science fiction horror series Stranger Things on Netflix. She has also had leading roles in the comedies Yes, God, Yes, and Things Heard & Seen as well as supporting parts in Velvet Buzzsaw and Things Heard & Seen.

Quick Facts About Natalia Dyer

Born: January 13, 1995 (age 27 years), Nashville, TN
Height: 5′ 4″
Partner: Charlie Heaton (2016–)

Natalia Dyer Net Worth

Natalia Dyer is an American actress with a $4 million net worth according to Wealthy Gorilla. For her part in the well-liked Netflix series “Stranger Things,” Natalia is best recognized.

Natalia Dyer Net Worth

Along with Hannah Montana: The Movie, The Greening of Whitney Brown, Blue Like Jazz, Don't Let Me Go, I Believe in Unicorns, After Darkness, and Long Nights Short Mornings, Dyer has been in several other films.

Natalia Dyer Early Life

Dyer was born in Nashville, Tennessee, on January 13, 1995. She attended the performing arts secondary school Nashville School of the Arts. 2013 saw her relocate to New York City to enroll at New York University.

Natalia Dyer Net Worth

She pursued her acting career while attending the Gallatin School of Individualized Study. She stopped studying after getting the part in “Stranger Things,” though she has said she would go back to school in the future to finish her degree.

Natalia Dyer Career

In 2009, Dyer received her first role in a motion picture when she was cast in “Hannah Montana: The Movie.” She played in the short film “Too Sunny for Santa” in 2010 and then appeared in “The Greening of Whitney Brown” in 2011.

Natalia Dyer Net Worth

She appeared in the films “Don't Let Me Go” and “Blue Like Jazz” in 2012 and 2013, respectively. She continued to perform in 2014, appearing in the short films “The City at Night” and “I Believe in Unicorns.” The following year, she was cast in “Yes, God, Yes,” another short film, and “Long Nights, Short Mornings.”

Dyer kept appearing in movies while working on “Stranger Things.” She appeared in “Mountain Rest” and the short film “After Her” in 2017. In 2018, she collaborated with the musician James Bay, making an appearance in the “Wild Love” music video.

In 2019, she had a lot of movie roles, including “After Darkness,” “Velvet Buzzsaw,” and “Yes, God, Yes.” She was cast in “The Nearest Human Being” and “Tuscaloosa,” as well. She played the role of Jane Eyre in an “Acting for a Cause” episode in 2020. She appeared in “Things Heard & Seen” and “The United States vs. Reality Winner” in 2021.

Natalia Dyer Personal Life

Dyer is dating Charlie Heaton, a co-star on “Stranger Things.” On the show, Heaton portrayed Jonathan, Dyer's character's lover. They frequently appear together at high-profile events, and Dyer has an Ozzy the Cavalier King Charles spaniel.

What Are We Gonna Do? Natalia Dyer on the “Stranger Things” Season 4 Finale

Stranger Things made a comeback on May 27 & took over media and popular culture after a nearly three-year absence. For the duration of its two-volume run, Season 4 of the popular program effectively drew everyone back into its grasp.


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We will all be tuning in when Season 5 will return to grace our screens thanks to the spine-tingling Volume 2 finale. We are reminded that the conflict is still ongoing at the end of the season.

The final scene of the season serves as a menacing reminder to viewers that our heroes must be in top combat shape to handle impending threats. We also glimpse Nancy briefly in that scene, one of the season's most formidable combatants.

Natalia Dyer, who plays Nancy, discussed what it was like to shoot that final sequence with Collider's Perri Nemiroff.

Fans are reminded that while the scene in question was indisputably beautiful and undoubtedly ominous, the reality of filming it was very different from the cool, if anxiety-inducing, scene. Added the actress:

That was a strange day; it took the entire day to film that single scene in which the character is standing on a hill and gazing off into the distance. The shot you see in the show is not the one we're looking at. Therefore, it's sort of like “imagine this.”

You never know which moment they'll capture on camera since we're all standing on this extremely hot hill all day just thinking about some evil thing. But I do believe Nancy experienced a little moment of shock.


What Is Natalia Dyer's Age?

27 years
Natalia dyer's Date of birth is January 13, 1995.

Who Is Natalia Dyer's Husband?

Charlie Heaton
An English actor and musician with the name of Charles Ross Heaton. In the science fiction horror series Stranger Things on Netflix, he is best known for playing Jonathan Byers.