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How eager are you for the upcoming installment of Nano Machine? Seeking to learn the outcome of Nano Machine, specifically Chapter 156? Alternatively, you could be wondering when Nano Machine Chapter 156 will be available.

In his travels, Cheon Yeoun discovers the location of the Supreme Sabre of the Six Martial Arts Sect to be in Huangshan Mountain in Hangzhou Zhejiang, just as the Heavenly demon is on the verge of entering the next phase.

We may look forward to the central plains sects and common forces in the land of Murim now that the Heavenly Demonic cult knows where to find these strange martial art groups. Even though the martial arts sect of the Blade God is still shrouded in mystery.

The heavenly monster is one step closer to changing the course of history for all of Murim. Let's take a look at the most recent Nano Machine gossip, including when Chapter 156 will be released, what will happen in that chapter, and a brief summary of what happened in Chapter 155.

Nano Machine Chapter 156 Release Date

Nanomachine is a popular Korean webcomic that combines action, fantasy, martial arts, science fiction, and shounen elements. It was created by Great H and Hanjung Wolya, and it is illustrated by GGBG. The release of Nano Machine Chapter 156 is set for June 1, 2023.

 Nano Machine Chapter 156 Release Date

Let's Take a Look at The Recap of Nano Machine Chapter 155!

After questioning the other prisoner from the Wudang sect, Cheon Yeoun learned the location of the Supreme Sabre of the Six Martial Arts Sect in Nano Machine Chapter 155. The Divine Doctor begged Cheon Yeoun to let her ask the question first as they were about to interrogate the prisoner using a psychotropic drug made from methylphenidate.

She explained that she was working with them because the Blue Heaven Society had asked her to investigate ways to push the body beyond its limits and create a martial arts technique based on modifying the body.

The Blue Heaven Society dug their heels in and claimed they wouldn't know anything about her granddaughter's whereabouts until after the war, as was to be expected. The prisoner told the grandmother that her daughter was in their control and was being held in one of the sect's 18 canals.

The Divine Doctor was so enraged by the prisoner's response—which confirmed her worst suspicions about why her granddaughter had been hidden—that she jumped on him and choked him to death.

heon Yeoun was hoping to interrogate the prisoner and learn more about the Supreme Sabre of the Six Martial Arts Sect, but the prisoner perished before that could happen.

What To Expect From Nano Machine Chapter 156(Spoilers)?

White Dragon Blade was the weapon Yeowun used to protect himself, whereas Ghost Illusion Blade was Huan Yi's martial arts method. Yeowun was in the way of Huan Yi's charge, and as she got closer to him, she let fly with a flurry of tracings.

Yeowun then took measures to safeguard himself by unleashing the Butterfly Dance sword's second form. Members of Yeowun were able to pick up on the metallic clatter coming from all directions.

Baekgi and Sama Chak had just broken into the guesthouse when Yeowun and Huan Yi were already fighting ten separate groups in the yard outside. The yard had already taken a significant amount of damage from the blades, and had the fight continued within, the entire place would have been destroyed.

Huan Yi was impressed by Chun Yeowun's power, but he thought it wouldn't be enough to defeat Baek Oh. He aligned himself with the sky demon's sword might and used its counter-sword skill against it.

 Nano Machine Chapter 156 Release Date

Huan Yi was caught aback by Yeowun's sudden shift in position from the Butterfly dance when he was much closer to her. He did not lose his cool as he focused his energies on his sword and struck down Yeowun.

Chun Yeowun warned Huan Yi to his face to do whatever it took to keep the White Dragon Blade safe. Huan Yi quickly released the final construction of his blade skill in a desperate attempt to defend himself, but the strength of Yeowun's sword led him to lose his hold.

As the final motion sped toward Huan Yi, his fear increased, and he closed his eyes. The White Dragon Blade was driven into the ground next to him, slashing through it and into the wall. Huan Yi was shocked to see such strength.

Where Can You Read Nano Machine Chapter 156 Online?

Unfortunately, official translation groups are not working on an English version of Nano Machine. However, as one of the most widely read manhwas, fans can anticipate a future release of Nano Machine on a reputable webcomic reading platform. Support the hard work of Nano Machine's original creators by not reading it on sites that provide stolen content.

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