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Nanny Review: A first-time feature film filmmaker to watch, Nikyatu Jusu, presents an interesting drama about a Senegalese immigrant whose eerie nightmares begin to bleed into her daily life in Nanny. After premiering at Sundance 2022, the home drama with a tantalizing veneer of horror won the Grand Jury Prize because of Anna Diop's insightful character work and the film's strong atmospherics. The question is, though, whether or not it will appeal to the masses.

Nanny Story

Aisha, a new hire from Senegal, begins caring for Rose, Amy & Adam's kid. She hopes to bring her son Lamine, who is now staying with his aunt, to America & establish a new life here. Fortunately for Amy, Aisha & Rose hit it off right away. Because Amy frequently fails to pay Aisha on time, things do not go as smoothly as hoped. Tired as she may be, Aisha finds that a video chat with Lamine gives her the energy to keep going.

Nanny Review

In the middle of all, she has been having disturbing dreams that leave her wondering what the images want from her. The building where Amy & Adam live has a security guard named Malik & she begins dating him. Kathleen, his grandmother, gets visions of a holy water spirit named Mami Wata, whom he introduces to her. As time passes & Aisha is unable to reach Lamine, she is haunted by visions that ultimately lead her to murder her boss & the person she cares about most, Rose.

Nanny Cast Performance

As Aisha, Anna Diop delivers a committed performance. You can see the love & nurturing instincts. In addition, her demeanor in the video suggests that she is eager to secure financial stability & can't wait to reunite with her kid. I get that Rose Decker is a youngster, but she doesn't really sell me as Rose.

In particular, she is here to demonstrate the influence of her nurturing mother, Aisha. The remainder of the actors doesn't get nearly enough screen time. When playing Adam, Morgan Spector comes out as more sinister than he probably intended. Michelle Monaghan, who plays Amy, doesn't seem to feel the same way, despite being the one to confront Aisha at the end of the film.

Nanny Review in Detail

The film opens with an intriguing premise. Even though she moves slowly, Aisha wins the audience with her ambitions & personal story. More than that, it warms the heart to see how close she is with Rose & Lamine, even if their communication is primarily via phone. The film gives new context to a mythology that is rarely explored in the horror genre.

The narrative around Mami Wata is interesting & can easily capture a viewer's attention. In addition, Mami Wata has a terrifying aesthetic. As soon as the ghost appears on screen, viewers won't be able to look away. The picture makes a rather roundabout way of establishing its horror credentials. It's not really scary at all, to be honest. It's a drama that tries too hard to be scary and ends up being neither.

Nanny Review

It's fine that the film doesn't use any conventional techniques and instead relies on the lore, but the message it's trying to send is lost in translation. The film is ruined by a failure to adequately explain the characters' motivations. The ending leaves the audience with more questions than answers. What they have witnessed begs an explanation.

Final Thoughts

By the film's conclusion, several decisions had been made, not all of which were successful. While the repetition of the same aspects that worked so well in the first half can get old, the movie does end on an emotionally satisfying note. Aisha is now facing the results of a choice she made that she initially considered to be the greatest option.

Nanny, the first film by Nikyata Jusu, is supported by an effective visual narrative and a noteworthy performance by Anna Diop. For many, the American Dream is a guiding light, but its promise often turns into a living nightmare.

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