Mythical Sausage Face Reveal: Unmasking a Beloved Content Creator!

In the vast landscape of online content creators, there are individuals who have amassed a devoted following while keeping their real-life identities hidden.

Such is the case with “Mythical Sausage,” a popular YouTuber known for his Minecraft.

For years, fans have been curious about the face behind the digital persona.

In this article, we will explore the mythical moment when Mythical Sausage finally revealed his face, shedding light on the man behind the screen.

Who Is Mythical Sausage?

Evans, alias Mythicalsausage, is a Cuban YouTuber most known for his Minecraft (A survival multiplayer) build and survival and Hardcore series.

He also enjoys movies and comic books. Many reports claim he was born in Arizona, Texas, or California. However, his birthplace remains unknown.

He is of Spanish descent through his grandparents and is the owner of two dogs, Bubbles and Baby, whom he takes everywhere he goes.

His Twitch following isn't quite as large as his other social media following, with only about 23k followers.

He is most known for his Minecraft series on YouTube, such as his SMP and Hardcore series.

The SMP Series is titled for the fact that they play as a fictionalized version of themselves within the Minecraft environment.

The story for his SMP is that the players are the rulers of their own realm, and they guarantee a place, a biome for their domain, once they make it, they can swap assets with other Empires/Players, form Alliances, and contend with one another.

Bad-to-the-bone Series are reasonably straightforward to realize; it is Minecraft on steroids and the player is just provided one life; when he/he dies during their interaction the planet is erased and all their advancement is removed from the worker.

No, he was involved with SSSniperwolf, also known as Alia Marie Shelesh, but the relationship was dissolved in 2016.

Mythical Sausage Face Reveal

On March 13, 2021, Mythicalsausage revealed his face on his official Twitter account. He tweeted “Face Reveal Friday” and attached a selfie to it.

His supporters had a lot of reactions to his face reveal, but most of them were good. Some of his fans even commented on how attractive he looks.

The concealing of Mythical Sausage's face was one of the great mysteries surrounding his online presence.

Mythical Sausage Face Reveal

He elected to keep his identity private, like many content creators who focus on gaming and online entertainment, allowing followers to connect with his digital avatar and enjoy his output without any preconceived preconceptions based on appearance.

Mythicalsausage can be found on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and others.

His Instagram handle is @mythical_minecraft, and he has over 50k followers.

His Instagram account just has images and tales about his YouTube channel.

His content is largely about promoting his YouTube channel and Minecraft videos. He also has a Twitter handle, @Mythicalsausage.

How Rich is Mythical Sausage?

His net worth is estimated to be around $518,000.

This information is unofficial, however, it should be around or even more.

His primary source of revenue is from YouTube's views and adverts.

On YouTube, he has approximately 873k subscribers.

He also has 338 Patreon supporters, with memberships ranging from $1 to $10.

Who Is Mythicalsausage's Girlfriend?

It is currently unknown whether he has a girlfriend or not. His tweets from 2016 show him using the term ‘girlfriend.' Mythicalsausage has yet to provide official confirmation.

According to sources, he is dating SS Sniperwolf, aka Alia Marie Shelesh, an individual decorator and fellow streamer on and off.

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Their first encounter was on Twitter, when Evans commented on one of Alia's tweets that she found hilarious, and the two exchanged phone numbers to talk.

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