Is My Secret Romance Season 2 Officially Announced? Everything To Know Before Watching It!

You are at the right place, and Here you will find information about My Secret Romance Season 2, facts, Where Can I Watch the Second Season of My Secret Romance? , Is It Worth Binge-watching the Korean Drama “My Secret Romance”? , What Date Will My Secret Romance Season 2 Premiere? , Recap of My Secret Romance Season 1, Recap of My Secret Romance Season 1, Cast Of My Secret Romance Season 2.

A Bit About My Secret Romance: When Jin-Wook and Yoo-mi first meet, they become mixed up in a number of miscommunications and mishaps.

Quick Facts About My Secret Romance

Starring: Sung Hoon; Song Ji-eun; Kim Jae-young; Jung Da-sol
No. of episodes: 13 (original broadcast); 14 (Japanese DVD compilation and oversees version)
Genre: Romance; Comedy
Original language: Korean
Executive producers: Kang Seong-wook; Park Hyun; Lee Hyeong-hee
My Secret Romance Season 1 Release Date April 17, 2017

Where Can I Watch the Second Season of My Secret Romance?

“My Secret Romance” is currently available to Watch on Netflix.

Is It Worth Binge-watching the Korean Drama “My Secret Romance”?

The latter two episodes didn't have a lot of stories. All of it involved flashbacks and lamenting the loss of their relationship. Overall, though, I really liked how the story developed, and I found the romantic television series to be endearing and simple to watch.

My Secret Romance Season 2

What Date Will My Secret Romance Season 2 Premiere?

The well-known actors and corny narrative of this program helped it become quite successful very soon. The fans have been waiting impatiently for My Secret Romance Season 2 for the past four years.

My Secret Romance Season 2

There are numerous rumors circulating that the show is returning or being canceled, but what is the reality? Neither My Secret Romance Season 2 nor its cancellation have been announced by the show's creators. So, everything is possible in the future.

K-Dramas typically don't have multiple seasons, but due to the high audience demand, exceptions have been made. Therefore, if there are any new developments regarding My Secret Romance Season 2, we will let you know.

So, What is My Secret Romance Season 2 Release Date

Due to its well-known cast and corny narrative, this show is extremely well-liked by Korean teenagers and young adults. Since the show's debut over five years ago, most viewers have given up hope for a second season.

Even though there are numerous rumors regarding season 2, the show's creators haven't made any official announcements as of yet.

The next season of My Secret Romance has not been canceled or renewed. Anything is possible in the future because there has been no official cancellation.

Typically, Korean television series have multiple seasons, but because anything is possible, we'll update this page if we learn anything about My Secret Romance's second season.

The Second Season of My Secret Romance

The drama centers on Jin-Wook, an affluent family man with a personality straight out of a playbook. Jin-Wook is essentially the son of a wealthy and well-known family because his parents own significant businesses.

My Secret Romance Season 2

Yoo-mi, another important character, is a simple girl who meets him at a resort and is seduced by him. After a series of humorous mishaps and misunderstandings, they both ended up staying together the night.

Recap of My Secret Romance Season 1

Firstly, Sung Hoon plays Cha Jin-wook, followed by Song Ji-eun as Lee Yoomi, Jung Da-sol as Joo Hye-ri, and last but not least Kim Jae-young as Jung Hyun-tae in the main cast of the show.

Although there are still no updates regarding My Secret Romance season 2, fans have begun to develop their own theories about the upcoming story.

If season 2 of My Secret Romance ever airs, fans would like to learn more about Jin-wook and Yoo-marriage. mi's

Some viewers want to see both of them have children, so they're hoping the show will jump ahead a few years.

They thought that watching them play the part of parents would be even funnier.

Cast Of My Secret Romance Season 2

As was already said, the cast of this show includes several well-known South Korean artists.

As a boy with a playboy-like demeanor who is rich, attractive, and single Jin-Wook Cha Song Ji-Eun as a fundamental dietician Yoo-mi Lee Kim Jae-young is a well-known author. Beautiful announcer Jung Da-sol and Jung Hyun-Tae Joo Hye Ri

The supporting cast includes Jeon So-min as the clubgirl, Park Shin-woon as Jang Woo-jin, Kim Jong-goo as Cha Dea-bok, Lee Kan-hee as Kim Ae-ryung, and Kim Jong-heo as Kim Ae-ryung.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Covert Relationship Over?

Sung Hoon and Song Ji-eun are the main characters of the 2017 South Korean television series My Secret Romance (Korean: ; RR: Aetaneun Romaenseu). It has 14 episodes and aired Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:00 (KST) on the cable network OCN from April 17 to May 30, 2017.

Where Did I Film My Covert Romance?

“My Secret Romance,” a co-production with Godin Media and the first series for which DramaFever Original Productions is the sole global distributor, was filmed this winter on South Korea's Jeju Island and in Seoul.

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