My Crypto Heroes NFT: Token, Earn Money, Heroes | Complete Info!

Tokyo is a business specializing in developing NFT-based games on the Blockchain. A well-known blockchain game, My Crypto Heroes, allows players to earn cryptocurrency while they play. The double jump set it.

The game, which runs on the Ethereum blockchain, is a beautiful method to become acquainted with various cryptocurrency concepts, such as smart contracts, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and digital wallets.

In this article, we will go over all there is to know about My Crypto Heroes, including what it is, how to play it, and how to make money while playing.

My Crypto Heroes

My Crypto Heroes is an Ethereum-based RPG (Role Playing Game) combat game. Heroes like Napoleon and Einstein from history can be collected and trained in the game, then sent on quests to locate valuable objects. Players can also compete against each other for awards and recognition.

The game's digital assets, which include heroes, expansions, and land, are stored on the Blockchain. NFTs are used for digital trading assets. Extensions are the tools you use to enhance the abilities of your characters.

In My Crypto Heroes, what are NFTs?

A specific type of cryptocurrency called a non-fungible token (also known as a non-fungible asset) represents unique goods such as artwork, videogame items (including in-game currency), music, and even real estate.

For My Crypto Heroes, NFTs are historical characters (heroes) who are extensions of the hero's strength. Those interested in purchasing or selling My Crypto Heroes NFTs should visit the NFT marketplaces.

Play to Earn

Playing My Crypto Heroes can make you money in a variety of ways.

  • It is possible to earn Ethereum by participating in quests and discovering valuable things that can be sold.
  • In online combat, you can win rare extensions that can be sold for ETH, which you can then use to make some money.
  • In the Art market, you can sell your artwork for GUM, My Crypto Heroes' in-house currency, if you've got some artistic ability.
  • Players can trade their heroes and extensions on the game's marketplace or other marketplaces for money.
  • Recycling your extension cords for TOKU points is another way to get TOKU points. Goodies like heroes, extensions, GUM, or tickets to be redeemed for rewards can be earned by accumulating TOKU points during the TOKU season.
My Crypto Heroes
My Crypto Heroes

My Crypto Heroes Coin

Crypto Heroes Coin (MCHC), launched in November 2020, is an ERC-20 governance token for the My Crypto Heroes video game franchise. This governance token can make decisions about in-game rules and cast votes in in-game elections.

The tokens can also be used to purchase My Crypto Heroes NFTs on markets such as OpenSea, which accepts cryptocurrency.

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Those interested in purchasing MCHC coins can be found on some cryptocurrency exchanges like HotBot, BKEX, and cash.

It is possible to gain coins by participating in the My Crypto Heroes game and purchasing them straight from a cryptocurrency exchange.

How Can I Play It?

You must first download My Crypto Heroes to begin playing. The game is available for both PC and mobile platforms—playable on Android and iOS smartphones.

  • The procedure of creating a user account is quick and straightforward. To begin playing the game, you'll need to create a user account when it has been downloaded and installed. Please make a copy of your account as soon as you start it. You'll need a backup if you lose your device and need to regain access to your account in the game.
  • To access My Crypto Heroes, you may choose two different logging methods. Your Google account or a cryptocurrency wallet are acceptable methods of logging in.
  • My Crypto Heroes offers a free trial option for those who want to see if the service is right for them before making a long-term investment. Not receiving tokens for the game is one of the drawbacks of this option. You can't access all of the game's features unless you have a Google account.
  • A cryptocurrency wallet allows you to play the complete game. MetaMask, an ERC-20-compliant wallet, is required to play the game. To get started, you'll need to purchase Ethereum Classic (ETH) from one of the several cryptocurrency exchanges available.

GUM, the game's money or token, may be purchased with ETH. Some of the game's products, such as heroes and extensions, may only be purchased with GUM.

So, GUM?

GUM is the in-game currency or token used by My Crypto Heroes. When you purchase My Crypto Heroes NFTs, such as heroes, land, and extensions, you will utilize GUM to pay for your purchases.

Since the token can be exchanged for ETH, it is valued outside My Crypto Heroes World.

Heroes Can Be Purchased.

Once you've created an account and logged into the game, the next step is to obtain a couple of heroes to help you out. The primary characters of the game are called heroes. Their given names are derived from historical figures.

You'll need a cryptocurrency wallet to store your cryptocurrency to purchase heroes from the My Crypto Heroes in-game shop or third-party markets like OpenSea.

A large variety of heroes are available on the My Crypto Heroes marketplace. Look through the store to discover the hero you're looking for. Select the hero by clicking on their image and selecting “BUY NOW.”

If you purchase your heroes from OpenSea or other crypto collectible markets, you may view them in your “Inventory,” which is accessible through the “Menu” part of the game.

My Crypto Heroes
My Crypto Heroes

Create a Team

To begin playing the game, you will need a group of at least three heroes to get you off on the right foot. Later on, you can always increase the number of heroes you have. Battles in the game take place once you've assembled your squad.

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Game Modes

PvE and PvP are the two basic types of play in the game.

  • To earn EXP and find unique upgrades, your heroes must go through dungeons in the PvE (player vs. environment) game mode. Additionally, they are eligible to receive contract renewals.
  • In the PvP (player versus. player) game mode, you'll face off against other players in a series of tournaments and other contests. Extensive and enduring fame awaits the winners and top players alike.

Virtual Assets


To get money, farmers hunt for unique extensions that they can sell for Ethereum (ETH). They also buy low-level heroes and extensions so that they can enhance them and then resell them for profit. They aim to provide a consistent supply of high-quality assets in the My Crypto Heroes environment.


PvP conflicts and tournaments are the lifeblood of the warrior class. These people have no other options. Every time they win a competition, they get an extension. ETH and GUM go to the best heroes and extensions. When it comes to winning battles, only the best heroes with the best wings can succeed.


My Crypto Heroes is a place for artists to showcase their talents. They design personalized hero skins, which other gamers can purchase with GUM. Artists have the opportunity to flex their creative muscles and come up with unique hero skins that can be sold for a lot of money.


People who work in the financial sector are known as traders. They make money by trading in and out of assets. Their business model is to buy cheaply from farmers and then resell to fighters in desperate need of the commodities they sell.

They make money by taking advantage of low prices and selling at a profit. Ultimately, it all boils down to market timing and a grasp of supply and demand.


It is possible to earn or gather marketable extensions. Original and replica versions are available. Replica extensions do not offer the same advantages as natural extensions. There are numerous NFT marketplaces where original extensions can be improved and swapped for money. Extensions that are exact replicas of the originals cannot.

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Land is another tradable item that can be bought from NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. There are not many lands for sale but owning one is worth it. Owning land comes with several benefits, which include having a share of GUM rewards generated by members of the land.