Mumbai Diaries 26/11, Everything You need To Know

While some believe such TV/Web Series, movies, documentaries should not be made due to being actual incident-based horrific content, others think it’s best to help educate everyone on it. It isn’t wrong to say such content may somewhat lead to influencing criminal minds or to help them plan something worse with better implementation (as confessed by a few criminals who got inspired from Crime Patrol TV shows). But everything happening on this planet has something positive to give and something negative to take from! Therefore, we highly believe such content (limiting a few inside information and other add-ons) should be made. This educates some on how to react to similar cases and educates others on what’s happening outside of their home!

Without any delay, let’s jump into discussing cast, storyline, reviews, where to watch Mumbai Diaries 26/11 and other possible queries our readers might have.

Mumbai Diaries 26/11 Overview

Mumbai Diaries 26/11 is an Amazon Prime Video Originals television series based on an Indian Hindi-language medical drama. Nikhil Advani and Nikhil Gonsalves direct the series. The shooting took place in places including Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Gateway of India, and Leopold Café, which were all part of the 2008 Mumbai attacks. The first season of Mumbai Diaries 26/11 premiered on Amazon Prime Video on September 9, 2021.

The series has a total of 8 episodes and only 1 Season. One thing we noticed right away and highly appreciated is the naming of episodes. The first episode is named “Diagnosis”, and the last one is “Recovery”. We’re not sure if every viewer paid that much attention to it or liked it. Still, such importance given to the naming of episodes (that too for an Indian made show) is quite remarkable and appreciable!

Mumbai Diaries 26/11

Mumbai Diaries 26/11 Storyline and Plot

Bombay General Hospital’s workforce endured a terrible night of terror on November 26, 2008. You’ll see how a journalist tries to report on the occurrences that take place at the Palace Hotel as well.

Mumbai Diaries is a medical thriller that takes place in a hospital’s emergency room. On the show, medical professionals at the hospital, as well as other first responders from all across Mumbai, must deal with a crisis of unprecedented proportions. However, to save lives and heal the sick, we must first mend ourselves.

Mumbai Diaries 26/11 Cast

  • Mohit Raina as Dr. Kaushik Oberoi
  • Konkona Sen Sharma as Chitra Das
  • Tina Desai as Ananya Ghosh, Dr. Oberoi's wife
  • Shreya Dhanwanthary as Mansi Hirani
  • Satyajeet Dubey as Dr. Ahaan Mirza
  • Natasha Bharadwaj as Dr. Diya Parekh
  • Mrunmayee Deshpande as Dr. Sujata Ajawale
  • Prakash Belawadi as Dr. Mani Subramaniam
  • Rishabh Arora as Vasu , Security Guard
  • Balaji Gauri as Nurse Sneha Cherian

Mumbai Diaries 26/11 Review and Critics.

As of September 2021, the show has a relatively high 7.7 IMDB rating, indicating how much the show is accepted! We tried looking for Rotten Tomatoes too, but it seems like either the show is yet to be rated, or there is some kind of bug that’s not showing the ratings as of now.

On this day, the city’s famous spirit was brutally attacked from across the border. What happened in those nights of horror was far more gut-wrenching and dramatic than any representation on screen. Several journalists who covered the 26/11 terror strikes non-stop for three days, many journalists can very well say that. Similarly, Mumbai Diaries is no exception. In the film’s opening scene, directors Nikhil Advani and Nikhil Gonsalves choose the most revealing image. Mumbai police jeep gunning down a group of journalists outside the Metro cinema. Numerous real-life examples will be shown during the programme.

What the programme does provide is a detailed depiction of the terror-filled night when everything goes tragically wrong. There’s a lot of detail about what happened in those evenings, and some of it hits home. As Priya Suhas depicts a collapsing government hospital, it represents how difficult it was at the time to deal with an attack of this size. There is a lot of bloody action in the programme, so it’s not for the faint of heart.

Even though the programme was created with blood and sweat (which is evident on screen), Mumbai Diaries ends up becoming a never-ending tale of uninteresting characters. It is rather than a tight thriller of a life-altering actual event due to its overzealous desire to pack in as much action and drama as possible.


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