Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris Release Date: Trailer | What Happens In It?

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris Release Date:  A widowed cleaning lady in 1950s London falls madly in love with a couture Dior outfit and decides she must have one of her own.

She embarks on an expedition to Paris after struggling to gather the means to pursue her goal; which will change not only her outlook but the destiny of the House of Dior as well.

  • Director: Anthony Fabian
  • Adapted from: Mrs. ‘Arris Goes to Paris
  • Story by: Paul Gallico
  • Screenplay: Anthony Fabian, Carroll Cartwright, Olivia Hetreed
  • Producers: Anthony Fabian, Guillaume Benski, Xavier Marchand

Mrs. Harris Goes to the Paris Release Date

Filming on the film was completed in November 2020, and it will be released in theatres on Friday; July 15; 2022.

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris Release Date

As seen in the above Instagram photo, the stars of the upcoming production began filming in October 2020.

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Lesley Manville; well known for her role as Princess Margaret in seasons 5 and 6 of The Crown; is pictured as Mrs. Ada Harris; stepping out of a 1950s automobile.

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris Trailer

Watch the trailer here

Yes! Mrs. Harris is shown in the new trailer feeling unhappy about her existence as a cleaner before making the life-changing choice to save up all of her money and travel to Paris to purchase her very own Dior gown.

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris Release Date

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, starring Lesley Manville, premieres in theatres on July 15th from Focus Features.

In the trailer, Manville plays Ada Harris, a British housekeeper whose dream of owning a Christian Dior couture gown leads her on a heartwarming journey to Paris.

Isabelle Huppert, Jason Isaacs, Lambert Wilson, Alba Baptista, Lucas Bravo, and Rose Williams star in Anthony Fabian’s film, which was directed by him.

It was created in collaboration with the House of Dior and is based on a novel by author Paul Gallico that was first published in 1958.

In the final two seasons of The Crown, Manville will play Princess Margaret, with the first season premiering this fall.

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For Phantom Thread, another film about fashion, she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2017.

Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris Cast

Mrs. Harris, played by Oscar nominee Lesley Manville, is a down-to-earth cleaner who embarks on a life-changing voyage to Paris.

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris Release Date

Lesley confirmed in an interview with The Guardian that the film will be nostalgic and joyful.

“It makes me happy. Without the music, it’s like a musical. It’ll look great, and it’ll provide some much-needed escape.”

Jason Isaacs, who played Archie in Harry Potter, co-stars alongside Lesley as a figure we don’t know much about.

Claudine Colbert, a senior employee of the House of Dior who, after initially being a little chilly, help Mrs. Harris accomplish her designer dress dream, is played by iconic French actress Isabelle Huppert.

Actor in the film Four Weddings and a Funeral Lady Dant, Ada’s upper-class employer in London, where she first sees a Dior dress, is played by Anna Chancellor.

She is so taken with the gown’s beauty that she determines to go to any length to obtain one for herself.

Lucas Bravo, the French actor who starred in Emily in Paris, plays André Fauvel, the accountant at the House of Dior who falls in love with model Natasha in the 1992 film (played by Alba Baptista in this 2022 version).

If the new rendition of the famous narrative remains faithful to the original, André offers Mrs. Harris to stay with him while she goes through the countless dress fittings for her Dior gown.

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Mrs. Harris, in turn, assists André in wooing the woman of his dreams, the lovely Natasha, who views him as nothing more than a dull accountant at the start of the film.

What Happens in Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris?

As far as we know, the new script stays true to the original plot, which follows Mrs. Ada Harris on an extraordinary voyage.

On the surface, the film is about purchasing a lovely gown, but dig a little deeper and you’ll discover that it’s truly about dreaming big and the value of friendship, love, and family.

Mrs. Harris begins the story as a cleaning maid in London for the opulent Lady Dant (Anna Chancellor), who possesses a couple of Dior gowns.

Mrs. Harris is taken aback by the garments’ beauty and elegance and thinks she must have one for herself.

Mrs. Harris saves every penny she can for the following three years until she has enough money to travel to Paris and get her very own Dior gown.

However, she soon realizes that obtaining such rare clothing is not as straightforward as walking into an ordinary store and grabbing one off the rack.

Mrs. Harris, on the other hand, hasn’t come all this way to fall at the first hurdle, therefore, with the support of some incredible new acquaintances; she sets out to make her goal a reality while also assisting her newfound friends.

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