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A Bit About Mr. Malcolm's List: In 19th-century England, a wealthy young lady named Julia engages in courtship with Mr. Malcolm, a mysterious, wealthy suitor, unaware that he has a list of qualities required of a future wife.

Mr. Malcolm's List Quick Facts

  • Director: Emma Holly Jones
  • Screenplay: Suzanne Allain
  • Distributed by: Bleecker Street, Universal Pictures
  • Music composed by: Amelia Warner, Emily Rice
  • Producers: Emma Holly Jones, Laura Lewis, Laura Rister, Katie Holly

Mr. Malcolm's List Release Date

July 1, 2022

Mr. Malcolm's List Cast

  • Sope Dirisu as Jeremy Malcolm
  • Freida Pinto as Selina Dalton
  • Zawe Ashton as Julia Thistlewaite
  • Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Lord Cassidy
  • Paul Tylak as Mr. Dalton
  • Sophie Vavasseur as Lady Gwyneth Amberton
  • Danielle Ryan as Lady Margaret
  • Theo James
  • Ashley Park
  • Naoko Mori

Mr. Malcolm's List Synopsis

The film, based on Suzanne Allain's novel of the same name, follows attractive and wealthy bachelor Mr. Malcolm (Gangs of London's p Drsù) as he searches for a woman who meets his lengthy list of stringent requirements.

Mr Malcolm's List Release Date

Meanwhile, the exceedingly attractive Julia Thistlewaite (Zawe Ashton) seeks vengeance on Malcolm for rejecting her because she did not match the requirements on his list. She enlists the aid of her friend Selina Dalton (Freida Pinto) in her endeavor.

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“Mr. Malcolm's List” is a lackluster Regency-era romance centered on Jeremy Malcolm (Sope Dirisu), a wealthy, arrogant bachelor searching for a woman who satisfies his 10-point checklist for a desirable partner.

Mr Malcolm's List Release Date

The conflict begins when Malcolm rejects Julia Thistlewaite (Zawe Ashton), a singleton who fails Point No. 4 — “converses sensibly” — and publicly humiliates her by yawning behind her back.

Julia, sworn to vengeance, devises a plan to mislead the snob into falling in love with her childhood friend Selina Dalton (Freida Pinto), a country naif whom Julia presents as Malcolm's dream bride through many deceptions. (In one moment, Selina is made to look like a piano virtuoso.) As a leaf flowing downstream, Selina succumbs to her friend's plan rather than agreeing.

However, the film is too soft-hearted to denounce Julia as a privileged brat. (It could be more entertaining if it weren't) Early sequences are infused with pity for the nervous would-be women of this society. Suzanne Allain's screenplay, adapted from her novel of the same name, seems to imply that a marriage-oriented culture generates shallow, superficial girls.

Mr Malcolm's List Release Date

Emma Holly Jones, the film's director, appears to concur as she juxtaposes pictures of beautiful birds in cages with views of frantic debutantes wearing pink-plumed hats. Jones demonstrates in an opera scene that the young women are too concerned with gossip to pay attention to Rossini's powerful music.

Mr. Malcolm's List Trailer


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mr. Malcolm's List Based On A Novel?

NPR describes Mr. Malcolm's List as a Bridgerton-Esque Regency romance. Mr. Malcolm's List is a Regency romance similar to Bridgerton. In Mr. Malcolm's List, a Bridgerton-like affair based on Suzanne Allain's 2020 novel, a 19th-century British gentleman's specifications for his bride lead to a scheme with numerous consequences.

Does Mr. Malcolm Still Have Sam Heughan on His List?

The rest of the group, according to Vanity Fair, consists of Oliver Jackson-Cohen as “the affable Lord Cassidy,” Ashley Park as “the vivacious Gertie Covington,” and Theo James as “the dashing Captain Henry Ossory.” Previously, the actors' Sam Heughan and Constance Wu were a part of the project, but they have since departed.

What Is Mr. Malcolm's List Movie Rating?


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