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Is it really more than eleven years since Kristen Stewart last appeared on the big screen as Bella Swan? It seems like just yesterday that fervent Twilight fans were breaking the internet over #TeamJacob and #TeamEdward.

Stewart is now making waves for her starring part in the Princess Diana biopic Spencer. Yet as pleased as we are to watch her embody the late royal, we admit, we sorta miss seeing her as the awkward, lovestruck youngster.

For those who need a trip down memory lane to fill the vampire-shaped vacuum, here are the top 10 movies similar to Twilight that you can watch right now.

10. Red Riding Hood

Valerie and Peter hatch a plan to escape from her parents as they try to arrange a marriage between her and a wealthy guy instead of her current boyfriend, Peter. She thinks she knows everything about the man she loves until her sister is killed by a wolf.

9. Water for Elephants

The world went crazy over Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) and Robert Pattinson. Teenage males and girls alike developed an overnight fascination with werewolves, vampires, and the paranormal. The 2011 American film “Water for Elephants” is a romantic drama with a comparable structure.

The film stars Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon, and Christoph Waltz. While Charlie O'Brien is wandering the halls of a nursing home, he runs into an elderly man named Jacob Jankowski. Once Charlie asks Jacob about his background, he reveals that he once worked for a circus and witnessed one of the worst calamities in the history of the circus.

8. The Host

Movies Like Twilight

If you found the Twilight Series enjoyable, you might also like Stephenie Meyer's other works. Her novel, “The Host,” was adapted into a film in 2013. Even though it hasn't gotten the same level of popularity as “Twilight,” this flick is nonetheless a blast to see.

Paranormal elements return, this time in the form of aliens possessing human hosts. These parasites are capable of erasing the host's memory and replacing it with their own. Most of the human race has been wiped off, and they want to wipe out the rest.

While Melanie Stryder is infused with one of these aliens, she is able to resist elimination because of her strong will; she even develops a friendship with the creature. The film is an excellent addition to the novel and a rare opportunity to see another of Meyer's works brought to the big screen.

7. Thirst

A priest comes dangerously close to death while helping test a vaccination meant to prevent an epidemic. But a transfusion of vampire blood saves his life by accident. It's no surprise that his newfound goal in life is to satisfy his lust for raw meat. Does he got it in him to go against his natural inclinations?

If you're familiar with Chan-Wook Park's prior films, you'll have a good idea of what to expect here. His writing manages to be at once artistic, poetic, and rife with a bleak sense of humor. This is a film that deserves more than one viewing. There is really too much happening for any one person to fully comprehend at once.

The tale is complex, and the characters are engaging; you may find yourself rooting for villains under these circumstances. It can turn on a dime and is as violent as you can imagine. The work you describe is exactly what Chan-Wook Park excels at.

One minute you're crying with laughter, and the next, the sky has fallen. The mood of “Thirst” can quickly shift from humorous to tragic. Don't let the subs put you off this gorgeous, romantic take on the vampire genre.

6. Warm Bodies

Movies Like Twilight

Warm Bodies, a film released in 2013, is based on another book about a love affair between a teenage girl and a boy who has recently died. This time around, Nicholas Hoult's character R is a zombie rather than a vampire. He is instantly attracted to Teresa Palmer's character, Julie.

The plot of Romeo and Juliet is twisted in this version of the narrative. In addition, it serves as a wonderful illustration of the restorative potential of romantic love. R's humanity is slowly being restored as he falls in love with Julie. This film is not only refreshingly original in its treatment of the zombie subject, but also an enjoyable romantic comedy.

5. Fifty Shades of Grey

Every true Twilight fan will tell you that Fifty Shades of Grey was inspired by the series. This steamy film starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan has its roots in literotica and fan fiction of the Twilight series. If you haven't heard of it before, fan fiction is creative writing done by people who are admirers of a certain show, movie, or book.

After the narrative gained popularity online, James decided to rebrand it as Fifty Shades of Grey and give all the characters new identities. The similarities between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele and Bella and Edward are not coincidental. What can I say about the plot? It's the standard hot love story of a nice girl falling for a wicked boy.

4. Meet Joe Black

In this movie, Brad Pitt plays the lead role. Actually, the supernatural protagonist is none other than Death himself. Pitt travels to Earth with his companion William Parrish to get insight into human life and love.

Pitt's character is odd and hilarious and has nothing in common with Edward Cullen; nevertheless, he does fall in love with the daughter of the man who is supposed to be his guide. It's a supernatural romance, but without as many vampires as Twilight.

3. Near Dark

Movies Like Twilight

A young man from a small Midwestern town becomes involved with a family of nomadic American vampires as the story progresses. When cowboy Caleb Colton (Adrian Pasdar) meets the stunning Mae in a bar, the two are unexpectedly reminded of a past temptation.

However, everything changes when Mae bites into a channel and tastes Caleb; this implicates their link and leaves them both Wracked with a craving for human blood, compelling Caleb to abandon his family and go with Mae and hers. He was required to kill someone in order to progress in his initiation ritual.

2. Fallen

Since she was wrongly accused of killing her best friend, Luce Price has been a regular at Sword and Cross. She meets Daniel, a boy she has an odd connection with, and he guides her toward understanding herself and her emotions.

1. Great Expectations

Movies Like Twilight

The year 1998 saw the release of the American romance drama Great Expectations. Based on Charles Dickens's 1861 novel of the same name, Alfonso Cuarón co-wrote and directed this updated cinematic adaptation. Finnegan came from a respectable family, yet he couldn't help but fall for Estella, a wealthy woman. Even though he's always had a natural talent for sculpture, he hasn't felt the drive to build anything in years.

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