Looking for More Virtual Reality Adventures? Check Out These Movies Like Ready Player One!

In “Ready Player One,” Steven Spielberg created another film that effortlessly whisks its audience away to a new and intriguing universe. Adapted from Ernest Cline's novel of the same name. Virtual reality technology is at the center of the plot of this science fiction film set in the year 2045.

After his death, the VR system's co-creator hides clues across the system, offering full ownership to whoever discovers them. We can expect a thrilling contest to commence immediately.

There was a lot of appreciation for “Ready Player One,” especially for the visual effects and Spielberg's decision to deviate from the source material in favor of a more thrilling story. With a worldwide total of over $582.9 million, Spielberg's latest picture proved to be another financial success. You can watch several of these movies like ‘Ready Player One’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

10. The Matrix

Movies Like Ready Player One

The Wachowskis drew from a wide variety of cultural traditions to create their groundbreaking science fiction mind-bender, which featured cutting-edge special effects & action sequences to explore philosophical questions like the role of identity transformation in a digitally dominant future.

The dialogue between the characters is as engaging as the film's precise battle choreography, making this story about a nobody who realises that his life is really a simulation an iconic work of genre cinema & virtual reality discourse.

9. Gamer

Movies Like Ready Player One

Like the gauntlet world of Ready Player One's virtual reality environment, “the Oasis,” Gerard Butler acts as a condemned man who is transformed into a real-world avatar controlled by gamers in a lethal gladiator game.

Young player Logan Lerman partners up with Butler's action hero to bring down Michael C. Hall's harsh empire, which he has built with his futuristic technology.

8. Brigsby Bear

Movies Like Ready Player One

Few movies tackle the challenging subject of society's increasing inability to develop beyond the stage of childhood with as much heart and originality as Brigsby Bear, one of the most interesting themes of Ready Player One.

A grown man and his father are the only people he knew growing up; they lived in a secluded facility and watched an instructive children's TV show his father produced for a corporation.

After learning that he was kidnapped as a child and being set free, he strives to adjust to reality by making a film to conclude the story his fake father started. In the process, he forges meaningful friendships and discovers the power of group creativity.

7. Night at the Museum

Movies Like Ready Player One

The movie “Night at the Museum” is a delightful thrilling experience in which museum artifacts come to life. Although it lacks the scale of Spielberg's “Ready Player One,” the film's speculative premise and breezy, effective Hollywood formula tone may bring to mind that film. There will be instances when you have to hold in belly laughs.

6. The Maze Runner

Movies Like Ready Player One

The Maze Runner” is just another teen dystopian flick. This film features Dylan O'Brien as a character who finds themselves in the midst of a labyrinth. He learns that there are other youths seeking to escape the maze and have set up a society to do it.

5. Life 2.0

Movies Like Ready Player One

This immersive documentary follows a group of people as they build new lives in the virtual world of Second Life, which provides its users with financial and romantic options.

An objective and in-depth look at the factors that entice and retain users in virtual worlds, including how and why some find gaming environments more appealing than the real world.

4. The King of Kong

Movies Like Ready Player One

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters is another documentary that explores the compulsive tendencies that can come with a love of video games. It focuses on the competition surrounding the record for the famous game Donkey Kong and the bizarre and fascinating world of arcade game high scores.

The movie's unusual hero and villain, lovable outsider Steve Wiebe and arrogant champion Billy Mitchell, respectively, both play larger-than-life roles.

3. Tron

Movies Like Ready Player One

In retrospect, the visuals of the Disney film from 1982 could seem a bit gimmicky to modern viewers. In fact, when “Tron” was first released, some skeptics said it wasn't a “real” film because so much of it was rendered in CGI.

The film's enduring popularity, however, has ensured its status as a cult classic, making it far superior to the mediocre sequel released in 2010. The plot of ‘Tron' centers on a computer programmer who is accidentally transferred into the mainframe's software & must figure out how to get back out.

2. Jumanji

Movies Like Ready Player One

Board games were around long before the era of video game consoles and virtual reality headsets. The notion of “joining a game” is twisted in the 1995 film Jumanji, which also applies to board games. The movie depicts a board game with supernatural elements whose obstacles actually exist in the real world.

The story is inspired by a Chris Van Allsburg children's book. While the 2017 sequel starring Dwayne Johnson may be more in line with the plot of “Ready Player One,” the original 1995 picture is still an absolute must-see.

1. Wreck-It Ralph

Movies Like Ready Player One

The abundance of pop culture & video game references throughout “Ready Player One” is one of the novel's many appealing features. This aspect of Cline's story is captured admirably in Spielberg's adaptation. Even though it's an animated film, “Wreck-It Ralph” will hit that nostalgic chord with audiences.

The Disney animated feature follows the life of a villain from an arcade game who is also the film's protagonist. Nevertheless, he grows weary of playing the villain & wants to switch sides, setting in motion a chain of events that puts the safety of the entire arcade at risk.

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