Unleash Your Inner Explorer: Top 10 Movies Like Avatar You Need to Watch!

At the box office, nobody can compete with Avatar anymore. In addition to reclaiming the top spot on the all-time worldwide box office list, the film's widely anticipated sequel was also an enormous financial success, rising to the number three spot. If you’ve enjoyed both of these films, we’ve compiled a list of 10 movies like Avatar that you might be interested in checking out.

10. Battleship

Movies Like Avatar

U.S. Navy Commander Stone Hopper, played by Alexander Skarsgard. Alex Hopper, his carefree brother, has also recently enlisted in the navy. As usual, though, he pays no attention to the adversary & is far more concerned with his romantic prospects and the attractive daughter of the Admiral.

After Stone Hopper is killed in an attack by alien forces, Alex takes over as destroyer's commander. Can he step up to the challenge and disprove everyone's assumptions that he is a careless moron? Alternatively, he may give in to the pressure and give up.

9. Clash of Titans

Movies Like Avatar

From early civilizations on, humans have put their faith in supernatural beings. We occasionally need reassurance that a good deity is watching out for us & making sure our needs are met. He has dispatched Hades & the Kraken, one of Hades' monster pets, to serve as the initiators.

Yet in Argos, Zeus's son Perseus rises up in defiance of this wrong & makes a pact to rescue Andromeda. So that humanity may demonstrate its worth to the gods, he must journey to Hades & return with the severed head of the Gorgon Medusa. And now Zeus knows for sure who the genuine rebel plotter against him is.

8. Elysium

Movies Like Avatar

Neil Blomkamp became one of the most in-demand directors after the success of his indie political sci-fi thriller District 9. He was granted a massive budget of roughly $100 million to work with on his next film, Elysium, starring Matt Damon.

This stunning film, like Avatar and Blade Runner 2049, ought to be seen in a cutting-edge IMAX cinema. The film likewise contrasts a devastated planet with a utopian alternative; in this case, the paradisal paradise depicted is an artificial world named Elysium, which is even more affluent than Pandora.

7. Prometheus

Movies Like Avatar

Prometheus, like Avatar, is set in the future on an alien moon where human explorers go to find riches. The Alien prequel may have left audiences with more questions than answers, but there's no denying the film's stunning visuals.

The film's opening sequence is magnificent, showcasing clean & brilliantly filmed natural surroundings. The film also features a great blend of real effects & CGI sci-fi spectacle, which can be seen in the foreboding landscape of LV-223, the Engineers & their spacecraft.

6. Blade Runner 2049

Movies Like Avatar

Ridley Scott's epic dystopian classic Blade Runner revolutionized science fiction when it was released in 1982. When compared to earlier works in the science fiction genre, Blade Runner moves at a more sedate pace, features less action & has more of a neo-noir vibe, with an emphasis on setting & character development.

Now, three decades later, Blade Runner 2049 has arrived in theatres & once again has audiences and critics divided. Yet, the film's amazing visual effects, intricate world-building, social criticism, and examination of related moral topics will undoubtedly excite Avatar fans.

5. Jurassic Park

Movies Like Avatar

That gap in time between the dinosaurs & human beings is not coincidental. The reason is that we would have perished if these enormous creatures had remained free to wander the Earth. Nevertheless, there are scientists who fail to grasp even this most fundamental concept.

There comes a point when crazed scientists are so preoccupied with accomplishing what they can do that they forget to consider whether or not they should. In an effort to create a really original theme park, they attempt to tame some of the local wildlife.

4. Ready Player One

Movies Like Avatar

If, instead of being wowed by the story, you were more struck by Avatar's state-of-the-art visual effects & audience immersion, then Ready Player One might be more your speed than Pocahontas.

The film, based on a novel by Ernest Cline, follows a teenage orphan in the year 2045 who, like most of the population, uses virtual reality as an escape from reality but who soon finds himself embroiled in a high-stakes virtual competition the outcome of which could have global consequences & is directed by Steven Spielberg.

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3. Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Movies Like Avatar

Will Rodman (James Franco), a scientist, wants nothing more than to help his father find relief from Alzheimer's illness. However, he runs into problems with his experiments and has to abandon his efforts. As a result, he finds himself responsible for a young chimpanzee named Caesar. But Caesar isn't your typical chimpanzee.

In a short length of time, Will is able to discern that Ceasar is displaying an exceptional level of intelligence. Will resumes his studies, but this time he does so in secret, as he now knows that Caesar's enhanced intelligence was the result of his experimental drug coming into contact with him in the uterus.

2. Pocahontas

Movies Like Avatar

If the plot of Avatar is what you like the most, you might also like Pocahontas, Walt Disney's iconic animated film from 1995. Others have even gone so far as to accuse Cameron of plagiarising of how similar the two films are.

In both films, a group of settlers from another country travels to a foreign country to use its resources, but they run into trouble with the locals & must fight to survive. In addition, a subplot in both novels involves a settler & a native falling in love behind her parents' backs while she is obligated to marry a native warrior she despises.

1. The Dark Knight

Movies Like Avatar

When an irrepressible performer meets an unmovable director, this is the result. It's because of the talents of Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale & Heath Ledger that this film has become a cult classic. This picture is widely considered to be the best live-action adaptation of Batman & the Joker to date.

It will elicit reactions from you that you weren't expecting. The film is a must-see for those interested in superhero stories or thrillers. Even still, no viewer can deny that the leads have performed an act of genius in their portrayal of human feeling in this film.

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