10 World’s Most Richest Family in the World Of All Time!

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Walton Family

According to some metrics, the Waltons are the wealthiest family in America and the world. The three Walton brothers, at the top of the value chain and ranked Nos. 16, 18, and 19 on Forbes' list of the world's wealthiest people, are each worth over $60 billion in 2022.

Most Richest Family in the World

Walmart is an enormous retailer. Walmart, which Sam Walton founded in 1962 in Arkansas, will have global revenues of $524 billion in 2021 and employ more than 2.3 million Americans.

The third-most populous city in America would be made up entirely of Walmart employees. As of May 2022, the corporation had 4,742 locations in the United States and about 10,500 stores.

Walmart is praised for its inexpensive goods and criticized for its labor policies. It is most known for its big-box stores in suburban and rural America. Unlike its rival, Target, the corporation could not introduce its big-box consumer culture to New York City.

Mars Family

Mars is a multigenerational family business that is incredibly well-known and pervasive—it is like Walmart for candy. The largest candy firm in the world diversified in 2017 when it paid $9.1 billion for VCA, a pet care business. Today, the company's M&M brand is more notable than its eponymous Mars bar.

Most Richest Family in the World

Jacqueline and John Mars, two siblings whose grandpa, Frank Mars, founded the business, are tied for position 41 on Forbes' list of billionaires, and each has a net worth of $31.7 billion.

Koch Family

Charles Koch owes his enormous wealth to an oil company his father founded, but today he is probably better known to the public for his involvement in politics. He has used his deep pockets to put his mark on it by supporting conservative candidates and think tanks, funding university professorships, and lobbying for policy positions.

Most Richest Family in the World

Charles worked with his brother David until David's passing in 2019.
According to Forbes' list of the wealthiest people, Charles and David Koch's widow, Julia, is tied for position 21 with a combined estimated net worth of $60 billion.

Hermès Family

With its distinctive scarves, ties, perfumes, and recognizable Kelly and Birkin handbags, French fashion house and luxury retailer Hermès has wowed the globe. Thierry Hermès created riding attire for the elite in the 19th century.

Most Richest Family in the World

LeBron James and other basketball greats are dressed by the brand nowadays.
13 Hermès Apple Watches, which combine traditional and modern technology, cost $1,299 and above. The company's current CEO and chair are Axel Dumas, while Pierre-Alexis Dumas is the artistic director.

Al Saud

The Saudi royal family, known as the House of Saud, has a long tradition of monarchy. The Royal Diwan, the king's executive office, has paid the family for many years, allowing the family's enormous fortune, estimated to be worth $100 billion, to expand.

Most Richest Family in the World

Relationships with Saudi Aramco, the world's largest and most successful corporation and a significant player in the oil sector, guarantee that the Saudi royal family will continue to amass a fortune.

Because the family has up to 15,000 extended members, many of whom have established businesses or won government contracts, it is challenging to determine the House of Saud's wealth.

Ambani Family

The single Asian company on our list, Reliance Industries of India, is possibly the least well-known to regular readers.

Most Richest Family in the World

However, CEO Mukesh Ambani, whose late father founded the business in 1957, is ranked 10th on Forbes‘ list of the wealthiest people in the world.

He is in charge of the firm's refining, petrochemicals, oil, gas, and textiles, while his brother Anil is in order of the company's telecommunications, asset management, entertainment, and power generation.

Wertheimer Family

The iconic “little black dress,” the No. 5 perfume, and the late well-known designer Karl Lagerfeld, who passed away on February 19, 2019, are all associated with the French high-fashion house Chanel.

Most Richest Family in the World

Alain and Gerhard Wertheimer, brothers, currently share ownership of the business that their grandfather founded with Gabrielle Coco Chanel.

With a combined net worth of $31.2 billion, the brothers are listed as the 43rd wealthiest people in the world by Forbes.

Johnson Family

One of the biggest financial services companies in the world, Fidelity Investments, was established by Edward C. Johnson II in 1946 and offers investment services to millions of customers. Abigail Johnson, Johnson's granddaughter, is now the company's CEO.

Most Richest Family in the World

With a net worth of $21.2 billion, she is ranked 75th on Forbes' list of the world's wealthiest people.

Thomson Family

The media business Thomson Reuters is the source of the Thomson family's riches. Roy Thomson founded a radio station in Ontario, Canada, in the 1930s and eventually transitioned into the newspaper business.

Most Richest Family in the World

David Thomson, the chairman of Thomson Reuters, is Roy Thomson's grandson.
With a $49.2 billion net worth, he is ranked number 26 on Forbes' list of billionaires.

Boehringer, von Baumbach Families

German pharmaceutical business Boehringer Ingelheim has been around for more than 130 years. Several generations later, the von Baumbach family and the Boehringer family are still in charge of the business.