6 Most Popular Android Music Players In 2022!

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Music players can refer to:
  • Various types of musicians: bass player, guitar player, piano player, etc.
  • Music box.
  • Player piano.
  • Record player.
  • Tape player.
  • Media player software runs on a computer that can play various media types, including audio.
  • Digital audio player, a hardware device for playing back music.

1. Spotify

On April 23, 2006, Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon established Spotify, a privately held Swedish supplier of media services, including audio streaming.

Most Popular Music Players

With approximately 422 million monthly active users, including 182 million paid members, as of March 2022, it is one of the biggest music streaming service providers.

Top Features:

  • There are millions of free songs and podcasts online.
  • Enables offline music listening by allowing download.
  • No advertising.
  • It enables you to listen to new songs alone.
  • Select next to switch the song.
  • It can be utilized online, on a pc, or a mobile device.
  • The “Family” package includes a unique music app just for kids.

2. Tidal

Tidal is Norwegian-American music, podcast, and video streaming service that provides audio and music videos.

Most Popular Music Players

It is a subscription-based service. Aspiro, a Swedish public business launched by Tidal in 2014, is now majority-owned by Block, Inc., a US payment processing firm.

Top Features:

  • 70 million+ songs
  • No ads
  • Two hundred fifty thousand videos, including music videos, events, and more.
  • Listen to your favorite music anytime, online or offline.
  • You can import the playlist of your favorite music from other music players like Spotify, iTunes, etc.


Russian programmer Artem Izmaylov created the freeware audio player AIMP for Windows and Android.

Most Popular Music Players

Top Features:

  • Normal or shuffled playback.
  • Let's you control playback using your earphones.
  • Multi-language interface.
  • You can set a timer for the playlist to stop at a given time.
  • Let's you set a playing track as your ringtone.
  • Built-in themes.

4. Youtube Music

A music streaming service called YouTube Music was created by the Google subsidiary YouTube.

Most Popular Music Players

Users can search for songs and music videos on YouTube using genres, playlists, and suggestions thanks to the service's interface, which is focused on music streaming.

Top Features:

  • Recommends music according to your taste, location, and time of the day.
  • A separate section of trending music.
  • Listen to offline and ad-free music with the Premium version.
  • Subscribe to your favorite artists.
  • Normal or shuffled playback.

5. Apple Music

Apple Inc created a music, audio, and video streaming service called Apple Music.

Most Popular Music Players

Users can either listen to pre-existing playlists or choose a theme to stream on-demand on their device.

Top Features:

  • More than 75 million songs are available.
  • Download music to listen offline.
  • Playlists are curated for specific occasions.
  • View the lyrics while listening to the song.
  • Different genres of music.
  • Search for music using the lyrics, or ask Siri to play your favorite music track.
  • Live radio

6. Amazon Music

Amazon runs the online music store and streaming service known as Amazon Music. On September 25, 2007, a public beta version of the site went live.

Most Popular Music Players

In January 2008, it became the first music store to offer music from all four major record labels and many independent artists without the use of DRM.

Top Features:

  • Millions of podcasts and two million tunes (free version).
  • Playback without ads and limitless skipping
  • 2000+ carefully chosen playlists.
  • Streaming in Ultra HD and HD resolution.
  • Pays each stream's artists $0.000402.
  • Voice recognition on Alexa.


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