Here’s a List of the 10 Most Expensive Fruit in the World!

Most Expensive Fruit: Eating plenty of vitamins and mineral-rich foods is a tried-and-true strategy to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Fruits are an excellent source of nutrition and energy for humans. They can be consumed fresh, processed into juices and jellies, or preserved into jams.

Various medications, such as morphine and opium, are sometimes derived from fruits. Some fruits have become pricey as a result of the global economy's present inflation rates. Do you want to know which fruits are the most expensive in the world? Continue reading to find out!

10. Sembikiya Cherry

Price per box: $160

Sembikiya cherries are grown in small glasshouses and constantly monitored to ensure that their size, color, and quality satisfy the strict standards for this premium fruit. Each one must be the same size and color for optimal visual appeal.

Most Expensive Fruit

When they're perfectly ripe and sweet, you'll find them for sale in Sembikiya, Tokyo's most famous luxury fruit store, in stunning, carefully arranged boxes of 40 for around $160.

9. Sekai-Ichi Apple

Each apple costs– $21

Do you like apples but want to try something new? Then consider the Sekai Ichi cultivar, which costs roughly $21 per apple. The price is high because of its appearance and scarcity. Each huge apple weighs between 1 and 2 pounds and has a gorgeous red peel.

Unfortunately, this means that each tree can only yield a certain amount, making mass production problematic. While they appeal to the Japanese love of precisely formed and colored fruit, many apple connoisseurs say the taste is nothing exceptional.

Most Expensive Fruit

So, if you're looking for large apples that will stand out in your fruit bowl, or if you want to present a spectacular fruit gift, the Sekai-Ichi apple can be a wonderful choice. However, if you're searching for crispness and flavor, more familiar kinds are a better bet.

8. Dekopon Citrus

Price per six-pack: $80

The Dekpon Citrus is comparable to a massive mandarin, weighing up to 1 pound each. Because of its top-knot shape. This unique fruit mixes high sweetness with low acidity to give a wonderfully aromatic fruit experience.

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It is easy to peel, has thin flesh, is seedless, and has meltingly soft flesh. In 1972, the first Dekopon was grown in Japan. They must be grown intensively in temperature and humidity-controlled glasshouses. Once collected, they are cured for up to 40 days to allow the sugar level to develop and the acidity to drop to less than 1%.

Most Expensive Fruit

Despite the fact that each Dekopon citrus costs at least $14, or $80 a pack of six, their popularity is spreading beyond Japan to California and beyond. They are currently being harvested in Brazil and South Korea, allowing even more people to enjoy their distinct flavor.

7. Sembikiya Queen Strawberries

Price per box: $85

The Sembikiya Queen Strawberries, also known as Nyohou Strawberries, are named after one of Tokyo's most well-known fruit vendors. They are sold in boxes of twelve for around $85, which is roughly comparable to $214 per pound.

Most Expensive Fruit

Why is the pricing so high? They never actually touch the dirt because of their meticulous growing procedure, and they are hand-selected so that only those with the best color and shape are sold. As a result, they are very valuable as luxury gifts.

6. White Jewel Strawberry

Each item costs- $10

White Jewel strawberries are grown by a single producer in Japan's Saga prefecture and retail for roughly $10 per pound. They are, however, three times the size of an average huge strawberry, so you won't need as many.

The absence of the pigment anthocyanin, which gives strawberries their normal red or deep pink color, accounts for their white color. To do this, a one-of-a-kind hybrid variety is produced in the dark.

Most Expensive Fruit

When exposed to sunshine, some specimens may begin to develop their natural pinkish tint, but the best White Jewels will retain their white color. And, contrary to popular belief, they are wonderfully sweet and fragrant, with a pineapple-like flavor.

5. Square Watermelon

Price: between $100 – $800 per watermelon

Aside from the unusual shape, $200-$800 may appear exorbitant for a regular or garden watermelon. So you'll be relieved to learn that a square watermelon can be had for as low as $100! Square watermelons were first produced in Japan in the 1970s to make stacking easier.

Most Expensive Fruit

An immature melon is placed into a box, which it will grow to fill, to achieve the shape. It will undoubtedly solve your storage issue, and it tastes exactly like any other watermelon. If you're searching for a unique fruit to serve your visitors, a square melon will certainly attract their attention.

4. Taiyo No Tamago Mango

Price: between $50 – $3,600 each

The name of these mangoes translates as “sun egg.” Despite the fact that they are only grown in the Miyazaki prefecture of the Kyushi region, they are of the Irwin mango variety.

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The high sugar content and stunning coloration of these premium mangoes are what makes them so valuable and justify their hefty price tag of between $50 and $3,600. Their colors might range from deep orange or red to purple.

Most Expensive Fruit

The pulp has a meltingly delicate texture, and even the skin can be eaten. Their popularity has recently expanded beyond Japan, with Israeli and Indian producers starting to plant these lovely fruits.

3. Densuke Watermelon

Price: between $250 – $6000 per watermelon

Densuke is the world's most expensive watermelon, grown in tiny quantities on the northern Japanese island of Hakkaido. Prices range from $250 to $6,000 per item. On appearance, dark green to black Densuke watermelons appears to resemble more regularly grown types.

Most Expensive Fruit

They do, however, have a distinctly sweet flavor and few seeds. How can you know if the watermelon is a genuine Densuke? Each one is protected by a cube-shaped cardboard box and comes with a certificate of origin to ensure authenticity.

2. Japanese Ruby Roman Grapes

Price: $90-$450

Expect to pay between $90 and $450 for a single bunch of these rare luxury grapes. That is if you can locate them; each year, just 24,000 bunches are picked. This juicy, sweet, and low-acid cultivar, developed in 2008, is only grown and sold in Japan's Ishikawa prefecture.

Most Expensive Fruit

Before being sold, each bunch is thoroughly inspected for flavor, uniformity of the distinctive ruby color, and size. And the Ruby Roman grapes are massive, each one the size of a ping pong ball!

They are divided into three groups: superior, special superior, and premium. Only one or two bunches are deemed “premium” each year, indicating that they are highly valued. In 2020, for example, a single cluster of Ruby Roman grapes sold for $12,000.

1. Yubari King Melon

Price range: $200-$45,000 per melon

The Yubari King melon is the most well-known Japanese luxury fruit. Expect to pay around $200 per melon in Tokyo's specialty fruit shops. They are valuable as gifts and status symbols.

A beverage firm paid $45,000 for a pair of Yubari King melons in 2010 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its melon-flavored mineral water! They are grown exclusively in the small city of Yubari, Hokkaido prefecture, as the name implies.

These rockmelons were produced in the 1950s as a hybrid between Earl's Favorite and Burpee Spicy types. Their exceptional flavor is attributed in part to the rich volcanic soil in which they are grown, and in part to the way they are cultivated.

Most Expensive Fruit

They are massaged daily to generate the precise lattice patterning on the rind and are even given helmets to protect them from the sun during the 100-day production process.

They are widely valued for their aroma and flavor, which is sweet and somewhat peppery with pineapple undertones. A far cry from the drab grocery fare we're used to.