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Here is a List of the Top Ten Most Dangerous Jobs in the World!

Some work tasks include little more than sitting at a desk and filling out forms. They typically gripe about their work conditions. Some people, however, are willing to put their lives in peril to complete their work.

They cheerfully take on the responsibilities. Workers in hazardous industries face dangers such as physical harm and even death on the job. Why would someone still do things if they know the risks? The motivations for starting and running such enterprises vary widely; some do it for the love of the work, others for the financial rewards, and yet others because it is in the family tradition.

We can name the jobs now that we understand why some workers choose to do them. Without further ado, here are the top 10 dangerous jobs of the modern era.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Job in the World

10. Landscaper

  • Injuries leading to death: 25 per 100,000
  • Yearly salary averages out to $28,952

Most Dangerous Job in the World

Injuries sustained while traveling are the leading cause of death among landscapers. Injuries occur frequently when a tractor rolls toward a worker.

The other main cause of death is coming into physical contact with something. Workplace accidents can happen when an employee is struck by an object or hurt while operating a piece of machinery.

9. Ironworker

  • Deaths per 100,000 employees: 25
  • The average yearly income is $51,800.

Most Dangerous Job in the World

Buildings and bridges are common places to find ironworkers at work. Ironworkers have a high risk of dying from falls due to the dangerous working conditions they face. Worker falls off narrow iron beams are a common occurrence because of the inherent instability of the material.

The leading cause of death for iron workers, after falls, is amputations. Metal shears are the tools of choice for ironworkers. Some people rip off their fingers and bleed profusely because the tool is so sharp.

8. Garbage Collector

  • 33.3 deaths per 100,000 employees
  • Average yearly income is $39,100.

Most Dangerous Job in the World

Automobile accidents are the leading cause of death for trash collectors. Sadly, collisions are a regular cause of their demise. The garbage collector must stop at each residence to gather trash, hence garbage trucks are frequently delayed. Another vehicle collides with the garbage collector's vehicle after the latter suddenly comes to a stop.

The garbage man being run over by a car is another common cause of death. This typically takes place while the garbage collector crosses the street to collect trash. When they venture out into the highway unprotected, they become easy targets for fast vehicles.

Another problem is that it's easy for the garbage collector to get knocked out of the way by a coworker who is reversing the truck. Due to the large blind spots present on garbage trucks, incidents like this one occur frequently.

7. Miner

  • Injuries leading to death: 46 per 100,000
  • Income level: $53,905 per year on average

Most Dangerous Job in the World

Mine cave-ins are the leading cause of death for miners, who are sometimes ‘buried alive' before they succumb. When mine pillars give way, cave-ins occur. Typical causes include careless mining practises like blasting.

On the other hand, earthquakes are a potential source. Mine collapses are not the only danger posed by blasting; gases like carbon monoxide and methane are also released. Because there is nowhere for the miners to go, these gases play a role in their deaths as well.

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6. Firefighter

  • Injuries: 48 per 100,000 deaths
  • The median salary in the United States is $50,850 per year.

Most Dangerous Job in the World

Heart attacks are the primary cause of death for firefighters. Tobacco smoke, stress at work, and irregular sleep patterns all increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks. The worker's blood clots because of the constant stress on the heart.

Those with preexisting heart conditions should avoid this line of work. A firefighter's heart must be in good shape because of the dangers they face on the job. Mindfulness training, regular exercise, and quitting smoking are all effective means toward this end.

5. Roofer

  • Workers' compensation claims: 49 per 100,000
  • Annual Mean Income = $37,760

Most Dangerous Job in the World

The leading cause of death for roofers is accidental falls from height. Inadequate equipment for preventing falls from the roof's edge is a contributing factor. Some roofing crews, for instance, opt for the use of safety lines and monitors in place of traditional guardrails.

It's very uncommon for roofers to have injuries before they've even reached the top of the building. The roofer can fall off if he tries to use a ladder in the snow. Roofers are also vulnerable to the other leading cause of death: contact with live electrical current.

There are a few homes situated beneath the wires that carry electricity to the neighbourhood. The roofer is typically killed while working on the roof. The roofer reaches for something solid and unknowingly touches the electricity lines.

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4. Pilot

  • Toll from accidents: 56 per 100,000
  • Annual Mean Income: $105,720

Most Dangerous Job in the World

Plane crashes have been blamed for the deaths of pilots. Exhaustion on the part of the pilot is a leading cause of these accidents.

Since pilots sometimes have to fly for very long periods of time without stopping for rest, their work schedules are often chaotic. The pilot is so tired that he falls asleep at the controls and causes an accident.

3. Fisherman

  • Workplace fatalities rate: 86 per 100,000 employees
  • Annual Mean Income: $27,110

Most Dangerous Job in the World

Numerous fishermen perish when their boats sink. Usually, the winds are to blame for these catastrophes. There's a chance the fisherman's boat will capsize in the rough seas or crash into another vessel. Some fishermen have drowned because their boats were not properly maintained. Vessels that haven't been maintained can catch fire or become inoperable at sea.

Slipping and falling on the deck is a leading cause of mortality for fishermen. There's a chance the fisher will either knock their head on the surface or fall in. Inasmuch as fishermen spend the majority of their time submerged, they are the primary cause of the deck's increased slipperiness. The angler must maintain a clean and dry deck to lessen the risk of slips and falls.

2. Soldier

  • Percentage of injuries resulting in death: 94 per 100,000
  • Average yearly income: $54,329

Most Dangerous Job in the World

The leading cause of mortality in the military is suicide, which may appear strange to outsiders. The traumatic aspect of military service, such as seeing the deaths of friends and colleagues, is a leading cause of suicide.

The soldier's life outside of work may also be stressful, such as going through a divorce. Because they are constantly exposed to pressures without relief, a soldier's job can be very stressful. The soldier is considering suicide as a means of breaking the cycle.

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1. Logger

  • Workplace fatalities: 136 per 100,000 employees
  • Average annual income: $37,590

Most Dangerous Job in the World An object like a log or branch falling on someone is the most common cause of fatality in this industry. Penn State claims that the worker is killed when heavy objects fall on their heads. The worker and bystanders alike are in danger.

The weather could be a contributing factor in this incident. A logger will often mark the spot where the tree should be cut down. The tree is unfortunately headed right towards them as the wind carries it there.


The purpose of this piece isn't to frighten you away from these careers. Its purpose is to make you aware of potential dangers. You might be wondering if there is any upside to working in such a hazardous environment.

Surprisingly, these vocations do have certain upsides. Getting paid well is one of the perks of working in these fields. The long-term benefits of these professions are also substantial. For instance, a roofer can take pride in their work when they view the finished product.

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