Mosquito Voted Best in Corinthian Defeat: The Midfield Doubles Have a Negative Significance

Corinthians Red Bull was defeated by Bragentino After the grief of playing at the Neo Quemica arena on Wednesday night. The second half of Timo’s negative performances aroused the crowd and, as expected, reflected in the film. “Fan tips“, From here My Timon.

The night was low average and only Gustavo Mosquito Defended himself in the analysis of the crowd. The striker had good participation in the goal and collided on the notes, averaged 6,4. After him, the best Ronnie, On average 3,7, e Condillo e Gabriel, Built with 3,5.

On the other side of the table, the negative highlights were due Ramiro e Luan. Both were criticized for their performance and averaged 0.9. Coach SylvinhoIt did not please, the average was 0.6.

See notes from Corinthian fans

C Cassius
Average rating: 2.0
Estimates obtained: 2,029
Faulkner defends Lemos Faulkner
Average rating: 2.6
Estimates obtained: 1,938
Already Jono Victor
Average rating: 2.2
Estimates obtained: 1,969
Carlos Gilberto Nacimento Silva Kill
Average rating: 2.6
Estimates obtained: 1,938
F Fabio Santos
Average rating: 2.8
Estimates obtained: 1,925
V. Condillo
Average rating: 3.5
Estimates obtained: 1920
Gabriel Girotto Gabriel
Average rating: 3.5
Estimates obtained: 1,912
Ronnie Maduros de Maura Ronnie
Average rating: 3.7
Estimates obtained: 1,926
Gustavo Henrique da Silva Gustavo Silva
Match star
Average rating: 6.4
Estimates Received: 1988
Luan Gilherm de Jesus Vieira Luan
Average rating: 0.9
Estimates obtained: 1,979
Mattus da Silva Vital Assamp Important Matthew
Average rating: 1.0
Estimates obtained: 1,957
Angelo Aras
Average rating: 1.4
Estimates obtained: 1,888
Leonardo Nadel Vieira Leo Nadel
Average rating: 1.0
Estimates obtained: 1,863
Ramiro Motion Benetti Ramiro
Average rating: 0.9
Estimates obtained: 1,893
Silvio Mendes Compos J Sylvinho
Average rating: 0.6
Estimates Received: 2029
Diego Louis Scorscott
Average rating: 1.5
Estimates obtained: 1641
Total votes: 30,795

See also: Notes from Gustavo Silva and fans.

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