Moo Lander – What We Know So Far

If you were under the impression that Moo Lander would be a friendly and simple journey, you were mistaken!

However, this 2D adventure platformer is much more than that, as it returns the gaming genre to its origins while delivering difficulties that necessitate careful consideration and analysis.

Moo Lander, a game currently in development by The Sixth Hammer, is scheduled to be released in Spring 2022. On the PC (through Steam), the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch, players will be able to participate.

Moo Lander Story

As Lander, you'll have conversations with Hamilton (the ship's artificial intelligence), and you'll be in command of the sole remaining spaceship in an attempt to locate milk.

The Milk Generating Device (can anyone make a guess as to what it might be?) will be required in order to complete this task.

Moo Lander

One of the most important components of the game is milk. It enhances the protection and abilities of your spacecraft, as well as unlocking additional lethal and non-lethal abilities along the way.

You'll be able to use the Milk Shield rather quickly after starting the game. This is extremely handy while confronting foes, as it allows you to redirect assaults back at them while blocking attacks.

Moo Lander Gameplay

I died approximately 20 times during the first five minutes of Moo Lander, which was played on the normal hard setting.

A player can pick between three different difficulty levels, ranging from simple to medium to difficult to extremely difficult. I'm relieved that I didn't make a difficult decision.

In addition to single-player, there is Mooltiplayer, which allows you and your friends to experience a variety of game modes, including taking control of cows, with your friends.

While on the lookout for an endless supply of milk, you'll begin your exploration of the planet, which will be accompanied by some extremely entertaining and humorous commentary.

Moo Lander

Along the way, you'll encounter difficult puzzles and conundrums that you'll have to solve in order to continue farther in the game.

Almost everything in Moo Lander will kill you, therefore my advice is to avoid touching anything at all costs.

After that, you'll have to keep exploring the planet in search of missing pieces and weapons. It goes without saying that the ultimate goal is to herd enough cows to supply enough milk for everyone on the earth.

Experience that is visually stimulating

After playing the Moo Lander extended demo, I have a strong impression that this game has a lot of promise. It's not “just another platformer” as the saying goes.

A complicated array of monsters, environment and management were available in order to outfit your ship with the tools necessary to save your people, and the graphics were stunning; it definitely reminded me of Ori and the Blind Forest.

Moo Lander

The leveling system in Moo Lander rewards players with milk points, which they can use to purchase new abilities and improvements.

It will be necessary for you to carefully assess your tactics when dealing with aggressive foes, bosses, and even cows.

Final Words

That’s All About Moo Lander. Stay Tuned For More Updates And Bookmark Our Site For More News. Thank You For Reading!

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