Monstrum 2 – Everything We Know So Far

For those who prefer co-op survival horror games with a Lovecraftian twist, Monstrum 2 is the game you've been looking forward to for quite some time. This procedurally-generated labyrinth, set on the grounds of a sea fortification from the 1970s, will pit four players against a monster controlled by the players.

You'll try to escape from terrifying situations by leveraging your surroundings and collaborating with your fellow victims in order to outwit, outrun, or outgun your adversary.

Monstrum 2

While maintaining the parts of the first game that fans enjoyed, Monstrum 2 promises to introduce new gaming mechanics, creatures, locales, and scenarios to keep the concept fresh. The game will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X, with the option to play on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well.

You can already add it to your Steam wishlist to keep track of when it becomes available. Monstrum 2's release date, trailer, gameplay, and location are all detailed in this article.

What is Monstrum 2's release date?

Junkfish has stated that PC fans should expect to be able to play Monstrum 2 by the end of 2020, with console versions following shortly after.

This release window makes sense in light of the upcoming introduction of next-generation consoles, which will include both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, which will both be available at roughly the same time. While the wait may feel interminable, it is hoped that the greater capabilities of the new computers will result in a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Is there a trailer for Monstrum 2?

May 2019 saw the debut of a teaser trailer for Monstrum 2, which was created by Junkfish. The trailer, which is only 21 seconds in length, doesn't reveal much information about the story or gameplay.

You may expect a gloomy and foreboding atmosphere with lots of nightmare monsters to plague your mind long after you have finished playing, based on the original game.

Monstrum 2 – Gameplay

Monstrum 2 is a survival horror game that pits four players against one another. Players will take on the role of either a victim attempting to flee from a sea castle built in the 1970s or a monster following and killing the other players one by one in this action-packed game.

Whereas the first Monstrum game included three different monsters from which to choose, the sequel promises to include many more, including a monster that was originally planned for the first game but was ultimately rejected.

Monstrum 2

The maze-like architecture of the stages will provide players with numerous possibilities to become disoriented while attempting to escape. It will also provide the monster with numerous opportunities to take advantage of the players' confusion and disorientation to his advantage.

The four victims will have to work together to defeat Monstrum 2, which will take a lot of coordination. A realistic setting in which players would have to work together to solve problems and survive was something the developers hoped to achieve with their game.

As a result, you will feel an even greater sense of despair as you realize that the creature is growing closer with each failed attempt to communicate with it. Your ability to collaborate with others will be critical to your survival.

Where will Monstrum 2 be set?

The events of Monstrum 2 take place on a floating “sea fortress.” This word may evoke visions of cruise ships or oil rigs, but the lab in which players will be fighting for their life is much more complex than that. The sea fortress, which resembles a big factory, is a sprawling tangle of labs and passageways that is difficult to navigate.

Players may be led to believe they are on land in a fairly familiar environment, but the fact that the building is in the middle of the ocean will dispel those illusions and add to the sense of loneliness and hopelessness they are experiencing. Hopefully, you aren't afraid of the water at this point.

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