Mismatched Season 2 Release Date: Cast, Plot And, News!

After the phenomenal success of Mismatched Season 1, it's no surprise that the show has earned such a high level of acclaim and praise for its fantastic storyline and stellar casting. Fans have been speculating about when the show's second season will be broadcast since it first aired.

However, there is no need for concern because we will satiate your curiosity by providing you with precisely what you require, namely updates regarding Mismatched Season 2. Therefore, this piece will present all the pertinent details you need on Mismatched Season 2, including its release date, star cast, and other updates.

What is the Plot of Mismatched Season 2?

mismatched season 2
mismatched season 2

Mismatched is a romantic tale where love is in the air and flowers everywhere. The cast members are YouTube sensation Prajakta Koli, Rohit Saraf, Rannvijay Singh, and Vidya Malvade, all well-known social media stars. Rishi, a hopeless romantic who follows traditional courtship rules, is the episode's focus.

Yes, I'm a believer in planned marriages! In his heart, Rishi is infatuated with Dimple and wants nothing more than to lure her to his side. Ultimately, he falls in love with a gamer lady who is too seductive for males, let alone Rishi.

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Because, well, who doesn't adore the drama that is generated when two opposites fall in love with each other? The show earned rave reviews and ratings. The adage “opposites attract” certainly applies to this out-and-out rom-com series, which will leave you speechless!

Season 2 of Mismatched: When is it Coming Out?

mismatched season 2
mismatched season 2

As of the time this article was written, the production team behind Mismatched Season 2 has not provided any formal confirmation regarding the show's upcoming release. But the show was supposed to premiere in 2022.

It should come as no surprise that the release dates of many web series and TV programs have been pushed back as a direct result of Covid's actions. However, the release date was pushed back due to the pandemic. Ugh!

If we were to speculate about when the second season of this show will be made available to the public, we would guess that it will most likely be released in 2018. Even though no official date has been provided yet, the show may make its debut on Netflix before the end of this year.

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However, production on the second installment of the series has already gotten underway. There is a good chance that the same young love story may reappear at some point. And, well, when it's a love story between two people who couldn't be more different from one another, it's always a nail-biter! Keep an eye out! We will update you with any new information on the release date as soon as we receive it.

Mismatched Season 2 Announcement

The Cast of Mismatched Season 2

There have not been any leaks concerning the show's cast that have come out of Netflix yet. Keeping in mind the moment at which the previous season came to a close, we may anticipate that some characters will make a comeback in the season that is to come.

As the plot of Season 2 continues to develop, we may also get the chance to watch the introduction of some new characters. Let's take a look at some of the characters that are likely to make a return in the upcoming second season:

  • Dimple Ahuja, who hails from Ambala, is played by Prajakta Kolhi, better known as Mostly Sane.
  • The character of Harsh Aggarwal, played by Vihan Sharma, is easily recognizable.
  • Anmol Malhotra will portray Taruk Raina, the protagonist of this drama.
  • Roadies and Splitsvilla presenter Rannvijay Sinha will play Professor Siddharth.
  • Rohit Sarf will play the character of Rishi.
  • Rishi's best friend, Devyani Shorey, will be played by Namrata Bidasaria.
  • Celina Matthews, played by Muskana Jaffrey, is Dimple's roommate in this show.
  • Karthika Bharadwaj would play Simran Malhotra.
  • Abhinav Sharma will play Krish Katyal's character.
  • Rishi's father would be Sushasini Mulay.
  • Nidhi Singh plays the warden.

Season 2 of Mismatched: What Could Be the Plot?

mismatched season 2
mismatched season 2

The producers have managed to keep the secrets of unfinished thieves a secret, as we witnessed at the end of the first season. After watching the season-ending episode of the previous season, we know that the beginning of the next season will pick up right where the last season left off.

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However, as of yet, there has been no formal announcement regarding the narrative made by Netflix. We will update you as soon as we obtain any information on the storyline of Mismatched season 2, which should happen as quickly as possible.

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