Mirror Mirror 2022 Cast: Release Date and Where Can You Watch This Movie?

Mirror Mirror, called Espejo Espejo in Spanish, is a new Spanish comedy that came out in the U.S. on September 16. The movie is about four people working in a cosmetics company's office.

This is a funny story about ambition, fear, love, and losing your sense of who you are. As these 4 people fight for what they want, they see themselves in the mirrors. Let's get to know the actors in Mirror Mirror and find out who plays the four main characters and the other two critical roles in the movie.

Natalia de Molina

Natalia de Molina plays Paula in Espejo Espejo. Paula is the staff member in charge of the company's social media accounts. Paula just made a commercial with plus-size, older, and non-binary people, but she hasn't put it online.


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Her reflection in the mirror says she should post it, but Paula's sister Cristina says it's too progressive and tells her not to. Living Is Easy with Closed Eyes (2014), Roof and Food (2016), Animals without Collar (2018), and Elizabeth and Marcela are all movies that De Molina has been in (2019). No one knows if the actress is seeing anyone right now.

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Malena Alterio

Malena Alterio plays Paula's sister Cristina, who is named above. Cristina has difficulty figuring out who she is because when she looks in the mirror, she sees Cristian, who looks just like her.

Alterio is known for his work on El comisario (2003), Aqu no hay quien vive (2003-2006), La que see avecina (2007), BuenAgente (2011), Spanish Shame (2017-2020), and Dangerous Moms (2019-2021).

Alteria is a 48-year-old actress from Argentina. She was married to Luis Bermejo from 2003 to 2016. She might not have a boyfriend right now.

Santi Millán

Santi Millán is also in the cast of Mirror Mirror. He plays Alvaro, a middle manager at a cosmetics company. At the movie's beginning, Alvaro sleeps with Maria, her office secretary, but they both have different ideas about what happened. Millán is known for his work on Teresina, S.A. (1992), Periodistas (2002), 7 Vidas (2003-2006).


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Lex (2008), Frágiles (2012-2013), Pepe's Beach Bar (2014-2016), Welcome to the Family (2019), and The Countryside (2019-2021). He has been married to Rosa Olucha since 2005. He is 54 years old. Together, they have two kids.

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Carlos Areces

Carlos Areces is the fourth most important person in the Mirror Mirror cast. He plays Alberto, an average middle-aged man known as the office doormat whose reflection in the mirror always reminds him of this status.

Mirror Mirror 2022 Cast

Areces is a Spanish actor known for Fibrilando (2009), La isla de los nominados (2010), Museo Coconut (2010-2014), Diarios de la cuarentena (2020), La que see avecina (2017-2021), and The Countryside (2019-2021). He is 46 years old and doesn't seem to be dating anyone.

Verónica Forqué

In Mirror Mirror, Verónica Forqué played Alvaro's mother. This was the last part Forqué played before she killed herself in 2021. The actress was 66 years old when she died and had been in many movies, TV shows, and plays.

Mirror Mirror 2022 Cast

Eve and Adam, Marriage Agency (1990–1991), Pepa y Pepe (1995), What Have I Done to Deserve This? (1984), Kika (1993), and 1000 km from Christmas are some of the movies she was in (2001).

The actress married Manuel Iborra in 1981, but they split up in 2014. Together, they had a daughter. The actress killed herself by hanging herself in December 2021. It is thought that this is because she was unfortunate after her divorce.

Toni Acosta

The last person in the cast of Mirror Mirror is Toni Acosta, who plays Maria, the office secretary. We've already talked about her character above. The Spanish actress, who is 50 years old, is best known for her role as Vera Munoz in Cops: (2000-2003).


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She was also in A Step Forward (2003–2005), The Ulysess Syndrome (2007–2008), With My Ass in the Air (2012–2014), and Tony's Gym (2015-2016). From 2002 to 2015, Acosta was married to Jacobo Martos Acosta. They have 2 children. It's not clear if she has a boyfriend or not.

Is There a Trailer?

Yes, there is! Where to Watch Online? Look at it here:

If you have a Netflix account, you can watch this movie.