Will the Minecraft the Movie Be Released in 2021?

Talking about the movies based on video games, it doesn't have a good history. The video game movie usually doesn't receive a satisfactory response. Still, Warner Bros are all set to release a movie based on the Minecraft game.

It is not a new idea where the filmmakers are trying to visualize a game on the screen. It is quite a hot topic to discuss as Minecraft is a popular franchise. People love the game and its spin-offs very much. The movie is waiting too long for getting a release. This delay will affect the chances of success of the film.

Minecraft the Movie

It is a good time now to look for a release if it fits in the terms of production.

Peter Sollett is going to direct the video game movie that is soon going to get its release date, hopefully.

Jon Berg, Vu Bui, and Roy Lee are the producers, whereas Jon Spaihts is the executive producer of the Swedish-American film.

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Here is some information related to the upcoming Minecraft movie.

Previously the movie was under the control of the co-creator and actor of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Rob McElhenny. Here, you will also find some information related to his experience.

What Is the Plotline of the Movie Minecraft?

First of all, the movie is a live-action project that has its eye on 3D/IMAX theatrical release. It would be interesting to see that how the project will be shown publically with such a visual style as a video game. It would be done with the help of CGI technology that will turn the cast into normal appearances.

The most valuable asset that makes the movie in favour of that it is difficult to make it into a film is that it is an open-ended game. There is no static narrative that forces the players to think of multiple endings. The game is an open-world sandbox adventure tale that allows the player to make his Minecraft world through different elements. So, we can experience the existence of endless possibilities and plots. So, it is difficult to talk about the plot at this time.

Talking about our guess, we think that it is going to be a comedy adventure route.

The Release Date: When Will the Movie Minecraft Be Released in Front of the Audience?

The movie was announced back in 2014. Unfortunately, it didn't begin at that time.

Makers took a couple of years for the development of the movie and setbacks. After such hindrances, the movie was set with a release date of 24th May 2019. However, it didn't get a release on that day. It was a summer movie season for that year. The previous release date also got changed as Avengers Infinity War was also set to be released on the same day. The date was also expected to be shifted to August as it would face less competition at that time. However, it didn't get released in that year also.

Minecraft the MovieAfter that, the COVID-19 pandemic took the movie more backwards. According to the sources, Minecraft is now set to be released on 4th March 2022. However, the date is still not confirmed as we have not received any official statement from the makers. To confirm the news, we need to wait for the official announcement of the movie.

Who Is Going to Be a Part of the Movie Minecraft?

Right now, we are not aware of the cast of the movie. It is mostly announced. However, we are sure about one of the characters, as was revealed in an interview with IGN. The confirmed character is the star of Despicable Me 3, Steve Carell. He is the father of a Minecraft fan, so he has an idea about it. He has some experience in the video game world and is quite excited about working on the project. Thus, Steve Carell is quite a strong character in the progress taking place as Minecraft will be released over the big screen.

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As the director of the film is McElhenny, and Steve Carell is in the lead, we can say that the film is going to be top-notch comedic. The film is also going to be a live-action animated project. If McElhenny could bring his mates from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, then we can expect a lot from the film. It will be more rewarding to see them in a single frame.

What Are the Ratings of Minecraft?

Minecraft the game is rated as Everyone 10+ (E10+). Thus rating is equal to the PG rating according to the Entertainment Software Ratings Board. However, the online interactions and the user-made boards are not seen through the same lens. At this standard rating, the base game is parked.

According to this rating, we can easily assume that the movie will also be received a PG rating. It will be exciting to watch the adventure and peril without the spill of any blood and real stakes. However, without much information, it is too early to land on a conclusion. So, we can say that G and PG are the real ratings for a Minecraft film, where PG is most likely to be rated.

Where Can We Watch The Movie Minecraft?

The film will get a theatrical release if everything goes well and smoothly. We will be allowed to watch it in the theatres. However, it can also release over the Internet if the pandemic recurred.

It will also be made available on various platforms over the Internet after its release. We will update the platform soon after the confirmed announcement.


Minecraft will soon receive a release date. All the gamers will like the movie, hopefully. Until its release, keep playing Minecraft and imagine the endless possibilities of the game.