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After Trey Young’s Historical Game 1, The Milwaukee Bucks adjusted their defense, saved the young point in Game 2 and the Atlanta Hawks ran over 125-91, tying the Eastern Conference final 1-1. The fight ended in the second quarter, in which the Bucks did not respond by 20 points and they won 43-17. This is the best time of the year for bucks.

Giannis Antedo scored 25 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists. Juru Holiday had 22 points and 7 assists, but Milwaukee’s team game was the difference. Shortness of breath caused 8 breakthroughs from Young in the first half alone. Bottle ended the dominance with 18 points with 48 points in the first three quarters. The use of shots, especially three, was greater than Game 1.

Highlights: Atlanta Hawks 91-125 Milwaukee Bucks for Game 2 NBA East Final

Highlights: Atlanta Hawks 91-125 Milwaukee Bucks for Game 2 NBA East Final

Holders of both teams have not stepped foot on the court in the last period. Now, the series moves to Atlanta, for the next two meetings, Sunday and Tuesday. The Hawks will have a chance to forget the night and rediscover their game. Trey Young scored a total of 15 points and 9 breakthroughs. There were 5 wins in 16 attempts on the court, 1 in 8 on the perimeter.

The rest of the team did not leave. Danilo Cullinari had 12 points and John Collins had 11 points, but no other player scored a double. Coach Nate Macmillan will need answers to Milwaukee’s changes. And headache pills after a devastating night.

Giannis runs over Hawks – Photo: Stacy Revere / Getty Images

Giannis Antedoconpo (25 points, 9 discounts, 6 assists)
Juror Holiday (22 points, 7 assists)
Brooke Lopez (16 points, 3 robberies)
Chris Middleton (15 points, 7 rebounds, 8 assists)

Trey Young (15 points, 3 assists, 9 turnovers)
Danilo Culinary (12 points)
John Collins (11 points, 8 rebounds)
Clint Chappell (2 points, 8 rebounds)

Decisive figures (up to third quarter)

Bring the young 9

Points generated by turnover

Points in transition

Bottle points

Defensive / offensive resilience
Bucks 32/8
Hawks 28/6

Hawks 10

Court views
Bucks 41/71 (57.7%)
Hawks 25/63 (39.7%)

Three shots
Bucks 14/32 (43.8%)
Hawks 8/29 (27.6%)

Lance Books
Bucks 7/11 (63.6%)
Hawks 5/7 (71.4%)

Score Chart – Photo: NBA

First Quarter – Bucks 34 to 28: Bucks safety tray adjusted to face Young, the result came early. This difference reached ten in the first period for Bucks. Bokton Boktanovic played less than two minutes and came out with two fouls. 5 attacks and 7 balls in 12 attempts helped the home team. Trey 8, Giannis 9, and Milwaukee took the lead.

Second Quarter – Bucks 43 to 17: Milwaukee’s suffocation over Young – 8 turning points in the first half – easy baskets and bottle complete dominance in the transition, with 14 points from 38 points in the first half, never seen Milwaukee 32 open.

The team scored 20 points without an answer. In fourth place were 14 holiday points, 43 for the Bucks, the best offensive season of the season, regular or playoffs. No spacing, 77 to 45.

Third Quarter – Bucks 26 to 18: Once the game was over, Milwaukee extended the advantage even into the third period. Kiyanis scored another 8 runs, collaborating with Middleton 6, only to complete the service and rest for the last period. Score 103 to 63.

Fourth Bedroom – Hawks 28 to 22: Results played with reservations.

Game 1 (23/6) – Milwaukee 113 x 116 Atlanta
Game 2 (25/6) – Milwaukee 125 x 91 Atlanta
Game 3: Sunday (6/27), 9:30 pm – Atlanta v. Milwaukee
Game 4: Tuesday (6/29), 9:30 pm – Atlanta v. Milwaukee
Game 5: Thursday (1/7), 9:30 pm – Milwaukee v Atlanta
Game 6: Saturday (3/7), 9:30 pm – Atlanta v Milwaukee (if needed)
Game 7: Monday (5/7), 9:30 pm – Milwaukee v Atlanta (if needed)

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