‘Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Review: Is ‘Austin St. John’ Fraud?

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Review: Being a child of… I forget, this show wowed me with what appeared to be fantastic action and special effects.

Who could ever forget Bulk and Skull? It's still entertaining to look back and observe how things have changed.

Adults may think it's foolish and cheap, but it felt fantastic to a child.

There wasn't much of a plot going on; which was excellent because it didn't matter if you missed an episode, but the zord changes were good and made the program more interesting.

When will people realize that a small child isn't interested in plots and will have to wait until they are older?

It would never be the same when they made the Zeo series, unfortunately. The new series was overly ambitious.

I disliked them since I was a child. Maybe it was the new outfits; who designed them, after all?

And Space Power Rangers? Others may have found it appealing, but I believe they should have stayed put.

Simple adversaries who used the same tactics over and over. Make a monster that starts little and grows larger.

And you knew the show would be virtually over when they grew up. Oh, and I'm sure I forgot the theme song.

I checked, and they didn't make another decent theme tune till this so-called wild force series.

This show was a true classic, and I urge that they stop manufacturing new ones and reintroduce the original to the next generation.

‘Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie

“Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie” is about as close to nothing as you can get while still having something to show on the screen.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Review

The film is similar to those synthetic foods that contain no fat; sugar; vitamins; or calories; but come in colorful packets and may be chewed.

What depresses me the most is that young; curious youngsters will go to see this film, and the film will do everything it can to kill their imaginations for 88 minutes.

A film is a small act of cruelty toward its victims. The peculiar practice of placing the trademark sign after every occurrence of the name in all advertising and promotion emphasizes its status as a product.

(However, there's no room for an apostrophe after “Morphin”). The film features six adolescent characters who have been promoted on television and in toy stores.

They have names, but no personality to speak of. They never say anything intriguing other than “You guys!”

Superb in-line skaters and karate fighters as teenagers, but it isn't until they are transformed into faceless clones in Power Rangers outfits with plastic masks and helmets that they gain their true powers.

Is that the point? Is success based on faceless conformity? The Rangers are certainly not individuals in or out of uniform, but I'm curious if they don't reflect commercialization triumphing over originality.

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They are color-coded products. Individualistic and eccentric heroes have long been a staple of children's literature. The Rangers aren't even characters in the traditional sense.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Plot

In the show, Ivan Ooze, a wicked creature who has been imprisoned for 6,000 years within a buried egg, threatens their city of Angel Grove.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Review

(Intriguingly, he would have had an English name 6,000 years ago.)

He is freed from his prison by construction workers and goes to war with Zordon; the leader of the Power Rangers; who is an elderly man whose face is displayed as a hologram within a large glass jar.

Ooze possesses unusual abilities, such as the capacity to summon reinforcements by selling gobs of spit that turn into ooze monsters.

In the style of the worst Japanese monster movies, the film also includes many very enormous animated creatures who stroll stiffly around phony-looking streets and fight each other.

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Other action scenes see the Power Rangers performing poorly choreographed martial arts routines against platoons of foes as the soundtrack plays mindless rock music.

‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ Star Austin St. John Arrested For Doing Fraud In Pandemic Loan Case

Instead of “It's Morphin' Time,” a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers star may be doing time.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Review

Austin St. John, who portrayed the red Power Ranger on the show from 1993 to 1995, has been charged in a plot to cheat the US government of CARES Act monies, along with others.

St. John is one of 18 people charged by the Department of Justice with filing fake Paycheck Protection Program loan applications. They allegedly then transmitted the funds to the scheme's masterminds.

Jason Geiger, also known as St. John, is accused of obtaining more than $400,000 in fraudulent PPP loans. According to the Department of Justice, he could face a term of up to 20 years in prison.

The alleged scheme's leaders, according to the Justice Department, are Michael Hill and Andrew Moran.

According to a Justice Department press release, “Hill is alleged to have recruited co-conspirators to exploit an existing business or construct a business to submit applications for PPP funds.” “Once enlisted, Moran is accused of assisting his accomplices with application papers, including falsifying supporting documentation and applying through internet portals.”

The defendants are accused of obtaining $3.5 million from the government in total.

St. John's lawyer announced in a statement that he had entered a not guilty plea.

“An indictment is not proof of guilt,” said David Klaudt, a lawyer for St. John. “All accused are considered innocent, and Mr. St. John plans to actively defend himself.”

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St. John, 47, has participated in several Power Rangers series throughout the years, including a special appearance in the 2020 television show “Power Rangers Beast Morphers.”

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