Who Is Mia Khalifa Boyfriend: Is She Actually Divorced?

Mia Khalifa has formally announced her divorce from Robert Sandberg as the couple's two-year marriage ends. The divorce comes nearly a month after the couple's second wedding anniversary. Here's everything we've learned so far.

What Is Robert Sandberg's Background?

Robert Sandberg is an accomplished chef best known for winning the 2016 Worldchefs Hans Bueschkens Young Chef Challenge. On January 17, 1993, he was born in Sweden to his mother and father.

Mia Khalifa Boyfriend

From childhood, the 28-year-old was enthralled by cooking and studied at Sweden's Falkenberg Hotel and Restaurant School. After working as a culinary skills intern in Paris, he began his career in the culinary industry.

Robert Sandberg has worked in restaurants worldwide, including Noma in Copenhagen and Maaemo in Oslo. He is estimated to be worth $400,000.00 on the internet. He also has a popular Instagram account with more than a million followers.

Then, after starting a relationship with Mia Khalifa, he appeared beneath the spotlight. According to reports, Sandberg met Kielder while working at Kong Hans Kielder, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Copenhagen.

Sandberg proposed to Khalifa in March 2019 after dating for a year. The couple's joint YouTube channel, Robert and Mia, has over 200K subscribers.

Mia Khalifa was served an exceptional meal at Chicago's Smyth Restaurant, hosted by Robert Sandberg. He showed off the engagement ring, encased in a dish of dry foods. According to reports, the pair married in an informal ceremony at their home before planning an official wedding for 2020.

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As a result of the pandemic, the preparations were delayed, and tragically, the team set to name it will not be able to do it this year.

Robert Sandberg and Mia Khalifa Divorce


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A post shared by Mia K. (@miakhalifa)

After two years of marriage, ad*lt movie megastar Mia Khalifa announced her divorce from husband Robert Sandberg on Instagram.

In a social media post, she wrote that they had gone to great lengths to make the wedding happen, but that ‘after over a year of treatment and efforts, we are walking away.' Khalifa stated that their divorce is no longer motivated by an isolated occurrence but rather by ‘unresolvable and quintessential variations.'

She assured them that they would always love and recognize one other and would have no problems. “We're completing this chapter with no worries and starting our own, one at a time, but linked by a wonderful family, friends, and love flong puppies,” she stated.

It's been a long time coming. As a result, we're satisfied that we took our time and gave it our all and can walk away knowing we gave it our all.”

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Following this heartfelt post, Khalifa, who received numerous comments, moved to Twitter to ask that divorce be ‘normalized.' “Normalize “congratulations” as a substitute for “I'm sorry” when someone gets divorced,” she tweeted. We're not all under the blankets anymore, screaming into a pint of ice cream?”

The Reason for Mia Khalifa and Robert Sandberg's Divorce

Both documented every aspect of their relationship on social media during their time together, including photos and videos, before coming full circle and informing their followers of their decision to end it with an Instagram post.

“We will always love and admire each other since we recognize that our split is the result of unresolvable, crucial differences that no one can blame the other for,” Khalifa said on her Instagram account.

“We're closing this chapter with no worries and starting our own,” she stated. “We're related via notable relatives, friends, and our love for our dogs.”

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Khalifa and her chef husband planned a large belated wedding bash for all of their friends and family, which she broadly discussed on Instagram. On July 22, Khalifa said that they would not follow their original plans and that she and Sandberg were walking together separately from their wedding.


That's all there is to know about Mia Khalifa's dating life. I hope you enjoyed this article. Stay tuned for more updates and information!

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