Metroid Prime 4 – What We Know So Far

Metroid Prime 4 is currently in development, although it's unclear when we'll be able to get our hands on the title.

To put it mildly, the creation of Metroid Prime 4 has been a tumultuous one. Despite the fact that the upcoming installment in Nintendo's Metroid Prime series was first revealed in 2017, the only information we have about the game was a logo and that was about it.

There was no information on the developer, a release date, or any gameplay footage. In January 2019, Nintendo confirmed that it had canceled the original project and was starting over with Retro Studios, which explained the lack of information (and subsequent radio silence) during the initial phase of the project.

Metroid Prime 4

The fact is, that was more than three years ago, and we haven't heard much in the way of actual information concerning Metroid Prime 4 since the news that the project was being revived.

Samus' last outing has only fueled our anticipation for her upcoming sequel, Metroid Dread, which will be released in October 2021 and will be the first 2D Metroid game in two decades. However, Samus' last outing has only increased our anticipation for her upcoming sequel.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that Nintendo has remained mum on the project, fresh job listings have verified that Metroid Prime 4 is still in development (phew), putting an end to speculation that the game had been shelved.

We're hoping that 2022 will be the year in which we finally get real details on the next Metroid Prime game, as well as confirmation on when we'll be able to get our hands on it for the first time.

In the meantime, there is a slew of rumors to sort through regarding when and what we may expect from the next Metroid Prime game. Interested in learning more? Continue reading to find out everything we currently know about Metroid Prime 4.


The release date for Metroid Prime 4 hasn't been announced yet, but we do know that it will be coming to the Nintendo Switch family of systems.

When we'll be able to get our hands on Metroid Prime 4 is still up in the air, especially since Nintendo stated in 2019 that the project had been canceled and had been restarted with the assistance of Retro Studios.

Metroid Prime 4

Previously, we expected Metroid Prime 4 to be released in 2022 as a result of the reboot, due to the studio move and possible delays caused by the Covid-19 epidemic. However, this has now been pushed back to 2023.

However, it has been three years since that announcement, and we have yet to receive any concrete information from Nintendo, so we anticipate that we will have to wait a little longer.



It is currently in the early stages of development (despite radio silence)
We were reminded of this by a recent job offering from developer Retro Studios, who stated that the game is still in the development phase.

It's been almost three years since the long-awaited Prime sequel was turned over to Retro Studios after being abandoned by Nintendo's earlier in-house attempts.

The advertisement for the position was posted directly by Retro Studios, specifically on its official Twitter account. Currently, the company is in the market for a tools engineer as well as a technology engineer to assist with the ongoing development of Metroid Prime 4.

Any Latest Update For Metroid Prime 4?

Metroid Prime 4 didn't make an appearance at Nintendo's E3 2021 showcase, however,Β Nintendo's Shinya Takahashi did provide a very brief update on the game, saying: “Currently, we're working hard on the latest game in the Metroid Prime series, Metroid Prime 4, which we previously announced.”

It was during this showcase that Nintendo announced its first new 2D Metroid entry in the franchise in close to 20 years,Β Metroid Dread, which was released in October 2021.

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