Metaverse Games for Android: The Best Ones For Android Users

Users seeking the best metaverse games have arrived at the correct location. We've produced a list of the finest metaverse games available on Android in 2022. So gather your technique and let's get started.

In 2022, the metaverse is a big issue. With so many people interested in this digital realm all across the world, it's only logical that gamers would want to be a part of it.
There is a way to enter the Metaverse whether you are using Oculus Quest 2 or your PC.

Metaverse: Digital worlds, businesses, games, and More

The term “metaverse” refers to technology that provides people with opportunities to participate in connected digital worlds.

A combination of the Greek words “meta,” which means “beyond,” and “universe,” which is more or less an extension of the physical world.

Real individuals enter and engage with these 3D “worlds” in which they portray themselves as avatars via online games and applications.

These virtual communities' activities parallel those of the physical world. Players can make, sell, or purchase products, as well as invest and reward others.

As users explore an ecosystem of competitive products, Metaverse effortlessly links gaming, virtual reality, live streaming, bitcoin, and social networking.

For example, a gamer who purchases digital art for one company's game may use the same item in another company's game.

In the Metaverse, unlike today's digital games, everything happens in real-time, with no stops, replays, or restarts.

Fast internet connections and sophisticated virtual reality headsets, on the other hand, provide immersive experiences, including 360-degree views of the digital environment. Gloves and tactile vests provide a tactile sense of touch.

Some industry titans and investors regard Metaverse as the next wave of computing technology, following the lead of mainframes and progressing to personal and mobile computing.

Major pioneers and patrons of the metaverse

Other companies were at the forefront of Metaverse development even before Mark Zuckerberg changed the name from Facebook to Meta in 2021. These are some of the significant forerunners and pioneers:

  • Epic Games

Epic Games created Fortnite, a multiplayer shooter that was released in 2017. It has evolved into a digital space where users can participate in virtual dance parties and music concerts.

Epic Games continues to give developers and non-creators end-to-end solutions for creating, distributing, and operating games and other content.

  • Microsoft

Microsoft, a powerhouse in business software, spotted early opportunities in the metaverse with its 2014 acquisition of Minecraft, which was established in 2009 by Stockholm-based Mojang.

Players navigate a Lego-like environment, “mining and crafting” elements to create tools to build their universe and protect against creatures.

  • Roblox

Roblox, which launched its eponymous game on PC in 2006 before expanding to mobile and Xbox, is home to about 50 million user-created games.

Roblox has been a major hit with children because of the attractive and colorful appearance of the mini-games available.


Nvidia, a market leader in GPUs for gaming PCs, has deep roots in the Metaverse.

For years, he has been working on the publication of OmniverseTM.

With its beta release in 2020, this simulation and collaboration platform will be able to construct tools with real-world applications, such as B. 3D avatars with virtual assistant capabilities.

  • Niantic

Niantic is a software development company best known for creating the augmented reality (AR) mobile game Pokemon Go in 2016.

Founder and CEO John Hanke, on the other hand, believes in bringing people closer to the real world, not the other way around.

What do you need to play Metaverse games?

To play the simplest games you need the following:

  • Internet connection
  • A virtual reality headset
  • PC or Mobile device
  • Blockchain wallet

The best metaverse games for android users

The following are the finest Metaverse games for Android users to try right now:

  • Axie Infinity
  • Decentraland
  • Sandbox
  • Illuvium
  • Chromia
  • My Neighbor Alice
  • Krystopia
  • Farmers World
  • Alien Worlds
  • Prospectors

Axie Infinity

Sky Mavis, a Vietnamese firm, released Axie Infinity in 2018. This Pokémon-inspired game contains fanciful creatures called Axies for players to build, gather, and trade.

You may edit over 500 body components on each monster. The progeny of Axies get unique abilities and qualities depending on their gene combination.

metaverse games for android

Axes can search for riches or combat other axes to obtain prizes. You can acquire land and create residences for your axes using platform resources.


Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano, two Argentinians, launched Decentraland in 2020.

In this virtual area with over 90,000 plots, you may use the cryptocurrency MANA to create avatars, buy clothes, and acquire real estate.

You can rent plots of land (each 16 virtual square meters) or everything on it as an owner: houses, hotels, parks, movies, casinos, and so on.


Pixelowl co-founders Arthur Madrid and Sébastien Borget from France first released The Sandbox as a smartphone game in 2012.

This is another user-generated platform in which users, represented by configurable block-like avatars, gain ownership of what they produce via blockchain and smart contracts.

metaverse games for android

The Sandbox consists of three primary products. VoxEdit is a 3D modeling application for creating avatars, vehicles, plants, animals, equipment, and other items.

You can export your creations to the Marketplace sandbox product, where you can sell them.


Illuvium, an upcoming game that is being described as a “real triple-A 3D blockchain game,” is generating quite a stir in the gaming world.

You must hunt, shatter, or heal god-like creatures known as Iluvials in this strange landscape.

These creatures can assist you in combating other gamers and monsters, which number in the hundreds.

Iluvials are likewise traded NFTs: the stronger and rarer they are, the more valuable they are.

Chain of Alliance

Chain of Alliance is another fantasy RPG with customizable monsters with NFT value that was launched in 2020. Each turn, you must add up to eight characters to your squad.

metaverse games for android

To improve your chances of winning, locate the best players and arm them with the strongest weaponry.

My neighbor Alice

You can own and grow virtual farms or even islands controlled by Alice in the multiplayer construction game My Neighbor Alice.

The gameplay is similar to Farmville in that you can choose which crops to cultivate and which animals to raise, as well as connect with other players.


Krystopia is an adventure game in which you play as Captain Nova Dune, a space explorer who travels to the planet Krystopia after hearing a mysterious distress signal. While completing escape room obstacles, Nova and her companion alien Skrii encountered their residents.

metaverse games for android

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds, which will be released in 2020, challenges you as a space explorer to mine Trilium, the game's official currency, on six worlds.

Each planet has its own elected government, and your “vote rights” are determined by how much TLM you place on a planet.

Farmers World

Farmers World, which will be released in 2021, allows you to buy property to mine gold, cultivate, grow cattle, fish, and build cottages for your farm animals. The AtomicHub marketplace allows you to purchase tools.

metaverse games for android

NFTs include everything on your virtual property and the things that flow from it, such as milk and eggs. Your harvested items can be sold or traded with other players.


Prospectors' creators describe it as a multiplayer corporate strategy game set in the untamed West of the nineteenth century. The purpose of the game is to collect gold, which you can then exchange for Prospectors Gold, the game's official currency.

At the start of the game, you are given three workers to use for yourself or others. To begin, your miners can construct a mine for you and begin mining.