Meta is Working on a Twitter Killer, but With a Twist! Let’s Explore the Twist!

There hasn't been much success for Twitter as of late, and now the vultures are circling. Meta, the company that owns Facebook, is developing a text-based social network software to compete with Twitter and Mastodon, two decentralised social networks.

Meta verified the report, though it didn't provide many specifics on the project. The story was first reported by Moneycontrol. Also, Meta plans to make some changes to its exclusive cross-check system.

“An independent decentralised social network for posting status updates is being investigated. We think there's a need for an independent platform where artists and celebrities can report on their passion projects in real time “Moneycontrol was informed by a Meta representative.

The news doesn't come as much of a surprise. Following a December allegation that Facebook is developing a “text-focused app leveraging Instagram's infrastructure,” the current rumor alleges that the app would be “Instagram-branded” and will allow users to check in with their Instagram credentials.

While this may seem like an unlikely pairing (Instagram is focused on photo sharing), the recently released Instagram feature Notes enables users to share text posts with other users and may serve as inspiration for the forthcoming text-based app.

The software, which has the codename P92, is apparently still in the prototype phase, but we know it won't be an Instagram add-on. In light of Mastodon's foundation on the decentralised social networking protocol ActivityPub, we can expect support for this feature.

If this were to happen, it would represent a radical shift in approach for Meta, which now exerts tight control over the majority of its other social networks.

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