Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 139 Release Date, Recap, Spoilers and Where To Read!

Mercenary Enrollment is a gripping web novel about Ijin Yu, a former child soldier who returns to his hometown after being away for ten years. He attends an elite high school and tries to live a regular life, but his past continues to haunt him.

While protecting his sister and companions, he faces up against a wide variety of foes and obstacles. YC penned the web novel, and Rakyeon drew the illustrations. Ijin Gukjang is another name for it, along with Teenage Mercenary.

It has been serialized on Naver Webtoon since 2019, where it has attracted a considerable readership. There is plenty of excitement, tension, drama, and love in this webbook. The May 28, 2023 issue of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 138 saw its first print run.

But what about Chapter 139 of Mercenary Enlistment? When can I expect to be able to read it? In this article, we'll discover out. Keep reading to learn when you may expect to see Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 139 posted.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 139 Release Date

Readers of Mercenary Enrollment are eagerly awaiting the release of Chapter 139. The release time for Chapter 139 of “Mercenary Enlistment” is set on June 3, 2023, at 12:00 AM (KST).

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 139 Release Date

A few days before the teasers, the uncensored scans will be released, followed by the English dub. At this time, the eagerness of the supporters prevents them from waiting any longer.

Let's Take a Look at the Recap of the Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 138

When Ijin and his siblings finally make it to their father's farm, Mercenary Enlistment Chapter 138 begins. The secretary welcomes them and informs them that their father is waiting for them in his office.

In addition, they uncover several wounded members of their own security squad. They enter their father's office and see him seated at his desk with a solemn expression on his face. He demonstrates his concern by inquiring about their well-being.

He also informs them that he is aware of what transpired and who was responsible for the attack. According to him, Forest was in on the military plot to eliminate them. According to him.

The forest is in direct competition with SW for business. He claims Forest was disappointed with him when he chose SW over them in negotiations with the Korean government, and that this made Forest angry.

He claims Forest murdered his kids to ruin his name and make him appear awful.  He further claims that Forest has spent a considerable amount of time trying to undermine his enterprise and activities.

He then inquires as to Ijin's method of combat in the face of the assassins.  He was pleased with himself and his ability, he admits. He adds that he'd like to learn more about who he is and where he came from.

Ijin claims that the mercenary organization Black Sun trained him when he was a young man. He claims he left them ten years ago and returned to Korea in search of his relatives. He claims to have a hazy recollection of his mother's and his own early years.

President Boray expresses his gratitude to him for reuniting him with his loved ones and expresses his admiration for his work.  He claims to wish to assist him in recovering his past memories, namely those pertaining to his mother.

Additionally, he expresses interest in hiring him at SW. He feels Ijin is a promising and skilled mercenary. He claims he can show him the ropes of the trade. He claims he can make him into one of the world's top contract killers with the right training.

Ijin is taken aback by his unexpected offer and presses him for an explanation. President Boray claims he feels compelled to do so since the man in question is his son. The reason he wants to do this, he explains to Ijin, is that he believes Ijin can help him succeed.

He claims to have global and South West-specific plans. He has expressed a desire for SW to become the preeminent contract military force. He claims that he hopes to put some of SW's resources to good use by helping to improve society.

He believes that the military can play a significant role in preserving international stability.  According to him, depending on the situation, mercenaries can play a variety of roles, including that of mediators, negotiators, peacekeepers, protectors, and enforcers.

Spoilers for Chapter 139 of Mercenary Enrollment

No raw photos or spoilers for Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 139 have been released as of yet. However, the events of the previous chapter allow us to make educated predictions about what is ahead.

Ijin and his brothers might return home to inform their father of what had occurred. They might also interrogate him for added security and information about Forest and their motivations for seeking it out.

It's possible that President Andrea Boray will feel upset and frightened about the attack on his children. Perhaps he will conclude that one of his own party informed Forest of their whereabouts.

Perhaps he will look into it and do something to stop these attacks. It's possible that Forest will not give up on their attempt to eliminate Ijin and his family. They might redeploy their assassins or try to ambush them once more.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 139 Release Date

They could also make an effort to learn more about Ijin's background and abilities. It's possible that Ijin will face more challenges and dangers in the classroom. It's possible that his pals will be curious about him yet hesitant to trust him.

It's possible that students or members of rival gangs from other schools will try to assault him as well. There's a chance that Ijin will grow closer to his siblings, Sophia and Ian. He could try to reconnect with them and make amends.

He may also take precautions to ensure their security. Potential allies & supporters for Ijin could be found among the people he meets. He might run across familiar faces or make some brand-new acquaintances. He may also get some clues concerning his mother's whereabouts or fate.

Where Can You Read Chapter 139 of Mercenary Enrollment?

You can read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 139 on the Naver Webtoon website or mobile app. There are additional unofficial websites and apps that provide translations of the webbook.

The web novel's author and illustrator will appreciate it if you read the web book from the official source. Images and audio from the web novel are also available for viewing and listening on Naver Webtoon.

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