Mind-Blowing Twists Await: Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 138 Release Date Unveiled!

We just saw the release of Mercenary Enrollment, also known as Teenage Mercenary Chapter 137, which featured numerous intense gunfights. This chapter highlighted Ijin's proficiency with firearms.

The chapter was packed with exciting scenes, and it looked great while doing it. It didn't skimp on giving us exciting material to enjoy. The next chapter will show Ijin saving his grandfather, and everyone can't wait to see it.

Don't fret though, because this post will inform you of when and where you may read Mercenary Enrollment chapter 138. Ijin wiped out all three teams—Delta, Alpha, and Bravo—in chapter 137.

Anna also made an attempt to kill Ijin on her own, but she was easily defeated by the latter. Mad Dog may attempt murder on Ijin in the following chapter. It doesn't matter what it is, reading it will be a lot more exciting.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 138 Release Date

On Sunday, May 28, 2023, at 07:00 KST, the next Mercenary Enrollment chapter will be made available. Each new chapter is published every week.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 138 Release Date

Let's Take A Look at the Recap of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 137

At the beginning of this chapter, the Bravo team discovers Ijin alone in the building after hours. Everyone got to work looking for Ijin everywhere they could think to look. They fork at each level, making it simple to track him down.

They heard the sound of gunfire coming from the third floor when a few members spit on it and the others headed for the floor above. Ijin shot at them both as they went to investigate. The two people following them entered the room stealthily.

Ijin saw him come in and immediately grabbed his revolver, pointing it in his direction. He shows his surrender by raising his hand, but his pursuer takes advantage of the situation. But Ijin noticed him and shot him as well as the other man.

All the members ran into the room where the shooting was happening as soon as they heard the commotion. But Ijin hid behind the rock for protection. They all tried to get in close, but he shot them all.

The current situation, in which Charlie has been destroyed by Number 001, was relayed to Anna by a phone call from one of the members. When Anna heard that Charlie had been “annihilated,” she became agitated and demanded to know what he meant.

He informed her that their injuries were severe and that the strategy needed to be adjusted. Ijin shot him when he was on the phone with Anna. Not much time had gone, but Ijin had already eliminated three of their teams, and Anna was getting increasingly irritated.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 138 Release Date

To make matters worse, Mad Dog told Anna that his camp wasn't spreading rumors that they had been overtaken. His warriors, he assured her, could be utilized for assassination and military strategy thanks to their training with the caps.

But Forest sorted out the troops and educated those who were most like her—specialists in the assassination. Anna pressed him for clarification. Mad Dog warned her that they were being unsettled too much by number one and that their current location was not ideal for planning.

As a result, Anna becomes enraged and instructs him to be quiet. She made the trip to eliminate Ijin herself. After then, Ijin sees that someone is trying to shoot him. Consequently, he sprang in the direction of the sound.

Nobody else tried to fire at him. A bullet pierced her waist. She questioned his status as a hero and informed him that she had heard a lot of rumors about him being a traitor. Ijin used the opportunity presented by her shooting at him to escape.

Where Can You Read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 138 Online?

After its first publication date, Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 138 will be available in its raw format on Naver Series and Naver Webtoon. There is an English translation of Mercenary Enrollment Manhwa called “Teenage Mercenary” on Line Webtoon, although as of right now, only 130 chapters have been translated.

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