Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 133 Spoilers, Release Date, Where To Read!

Teenage Mercenary, also known as Mercenary Enrollment, is a popular military-themed Manhwa written by YC and drawn by Rak Hyun. There is a tangible air of expectation for the arrival of Chapter 133, and the wait is made all the more torturous by an overabundance of spoilers and speculation.

The publication date, storyline synopsis, and other details for Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 133 are discussed in this article. You can utilize this data, which came from reliable sources, to read the next chapter with greater ease and appreciation. So, without further ado, let us delve into Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 133!

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 133 Release Date

Those that enjoy Mercenary Enrollment can't wait for the next chapter to be released. On April 23, 2023, Mercenary Enlistment Chapter 133 will be published. The uncensored scans will come out a few days before the spoilers, and the English version will come out after that. At this time, the devotees are too impatient to wait any longer.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 133 Spoilers

The trip ended up being a great success for the siblings. These two parties were there to make a deal. But now was the time to make them more secure. Another probe will kick off Mercenary Enlistment Chapter 133.

Initially, Ijin and Jiyeh would have a chat. The lady's job is to calm him down so they can talk about the company's future. The assault on two of the academy's most prominent guests worried everyone.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 133 Spoilers

As a result, a fresh probe will be initiated to ascertain the root of the problem. It will be interesting to find out what else is revealed at the end.

Let's Take a Look at Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 132 Recap!

Chapter 132 begins with the mysterious new guy and Yu Ijin, picking up right where the last one left off. This new guy has been watching and studying Yu Ijin for some time, and has come to the conclusion that he is also a hunter.

Yu Ijin manages to cut his hand and then his face with the blade later in the chapter, and he finishes the fight by holding his fist and kicking him square in the stomach. This guy is having a hard time believing that a young kid like Yu Ijin can beat him in close combat after taking so many blows from the latter.

Even in that awful forest, where he was recognized by others and endured countless actual battles, he cannot believe that he is now being pushed back so unilaterally. After Yu Ijin had already proven his superiority with a few blows, the latter stepped in, grabbed both of his arms, and delivered a lethal blow to the man's face.

When they both hear a police siren while they're still fighting, the new guy flees away, promising to see Yu Ijin again soon. This episode shifts focus to the man Yu Ijin met in the previous one, for whom Ijin was providing assistance.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 133 Spoilers

The man thanks Ijin in a coffee, saying that he was unable to adequately express his appreciation the day before due to the circumstances, but Ijin reassures him that he did what had to be done.

At first, the man only assumed that Ijin was a mature and responsible individual. The betraying bodyguard sounds like he recently engaged into some form of gambling, and after hearing that story.

He realizes just how significant those words are. The man claims that his wife, Sophia, is in complete disbelief and that the bodyguard needs money because he fears a gang would approach him with a significant quantity.

Where You Can Read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 132 Online?

Both the official English translation of the next Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 133 and the previous chapter of the series can be read on WebToon, while the raw, uncensored version can be read on Naver.

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