Alex Garland Horror Movie ‘Man’ 2022: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Trailer

Having had critical and commercial success with his scary sci-fi directorial debut Ex Machina and Netflix‘s Annihilation, Alex Garland is back with his highly anticipated horror thriller Men, which follows the success of his highly anticipated horror film Men.

If the latest teasers are anything to go by, he appears to be maintaining his pattern of keeping audiences on the edge of their seats! Until now, the narrative of Men has been kept a secret, but we do know that it stars Jessie Buckley as a mourning lady named Harper and Rory Kinnear as several enigmatic men.

However, other than that, we don't know much about the show, which has piqued the interest of many fans. We're interested in seeing more from A24 after enjoying the studio's previous horror flick X, and happily, we won't have to wait long for the studio's next frightening film.

Keeping that in mind, here's all we know about Alex Garland's Men until its release later in the spring:

Release Date: Man


Men will be released in theaters on May 20, 2022. It is not yet known whether or if it will be made available through any streaming services in the future. Upon completion of filming, cinematographer Rob Hardy remarked that the project was “really remarkable, and reassuringly odd.”

Trailer: Man

The trailer begins with a joyful tone as Harper (Jessie Buckley) arrives at her gorgeous rural house, where she hopes to withdraw from the outside world after experiencing a traumatic event in her life.

The home is comfortable and pleasant, and the garden contains apple trees laden with fruit. However, when the house host (Rory Kinnear) continues to question Harper about the presence of her spouse, Harper begins to see visions of a guy (Paapa Essiedu) plummeting to his death right in front of her eyes.

Starting from that point onward, the trailer's tone shifts dramatically, with the upbeat music being replaced with an eerie tune. As in the previous teaser for Men, the new trailer focuses on Harper's journey through a tunnel, during which she catches a glimpse of an enigmatic man who she must track down.

After that, the figure begins to follow Harper everywhere she goes, just like the memory of her husband's suicide by jumping from their balcony does for her today. Harper cannot escape her pain, even while she is hiding in the countryside, and Men promises to be a terrifying meditation on sorrow and loss.

As if things couldn't get any more horrific, Kinnear appears to be playing practically every male character in the movie. He seems to be playing everyone from a priest to a police officer to a bartender and even a toddler.


These guys are attempting to force Harper to accept that she feels responsible for the loss of her husband and that she may have been the cause of his suicide by putting her in a vulnerable position.

It's unclear if all of these guys are manifestations of the ghost Harper unwittingly summons in the tunnel or whether they are simply a reflection of her agitated state of mind. Gillian Garland rose to worldwide prominence after he collaborated with A24 on the release of Ex-Machina.

This science-fiction thriller investigates the boundaries of human morality and the power of Artificial Intelligence to imitate it. Although Garland's second picture, Netflix's Annihilation, failed to capture the attention of the general audience and reviewers, it is nevertheless a fascinating investigation of human nature and identity.

Garland and A24 are reuniting for Men, which will be released later this year. It's interesting to note how Men presents itself as a completely different picture from anything Garland has done before, portraying itself as a pure horror thriller with nothing to do with science fiction. Despite this, the provocative secrecy of Garland's work is splattered all over the teasers for Men, making it a widely anticipated release this summer.


Men: Plot


Because the Men makers have opted to keep things as vague as possible, we only know the actual narrative, which is as follows: “a young lady named Harper travels on a lonely holiday in England's countryside after the death of her ex-husband.”

Recent teasers have shown that we may anticipate some horrific events, as Harper soon sees a series of guys who all have various occupations and styles, but all appear to be the same.

Fans who are wondering about what is going on in this rural community will have many questions after seeing this. Is it possible that they are clones, aliens, or somehow linked, or is it all in Harper's head? Alternatively, has Alex Garland returned to his Android routes? If we want to find out the truth, we'll have to wait till the film is out…

Men: Cast


Even though there are only a few people in the cast, there are some big names. Although several characters appear in the trailer, Rory Kinnear plays most of them. As previously said, Jessie Buckley from The Lost Daughter and Rory Kinnear from Black Mirror are the two primary roles in this film.

They'll be joined by Paapa Essiedu from Gangs of London, who will play Harper's ex-husband who died in a sad event, and Gayle Rankin from GLOW, who will play an unconfirmed part.

We'll keep you informed of any new information on the Men's casting becomes available.