Know All About Memories of a Murderer

Do you like to entertain yourself with action movies and thrilling scenes? If you do, then you are going to love the article. The article is all about a South Korean movie that is full of action and thrilling scenes. The movie “Memories of a Murderer” was directed by Won Shin-Yun and was one of the big hits of that season.

As we know, the status of Korean acting and drama has created a separate fan base in the television market. Like all movies and series, this can also be termed to be one of the best creations of the Korean film Industry. The movie attracted many viewers with the help of its creative storyline and wonderful acting by the artists.

The movie got released on 6 September 2017 And was distributed by Media plex company in all the theatres of South Korea.

So, let have a brief look at the movie that what it is all about:

Memories of a Murderer


What is the Plot Memories of a Murderer?

In this movie, you will be introduced to a former serial killer Byung-Su, who killed his father in a teenage and started to believe that there were people who deserve to die. After a period of time, he suffered from a disease named Alzheimer's. The doctor tells him that it was the effect of a traffic accident that took place 17 years ago; the accident was a turning point for the murderer, the accident that stopped him from his killings and allowed him to lead a beautiful life with his dear daughter.

Doesn't that sound so good? But as in every story there is a twist, there is many here too. just wait for it.

However, following a number of murders in his town over a long time, Byung-Su begins to wonder if the crimes result from his memory gaps. However, when he comes across Tae-Ju, he immediately recognizes him as the serial killer. He informs the authorities, only to discover that Tae-Ju is one of them. Byung-Su began gathering proof that Tae-Ju is a psychopath, but this just serves to pique Tae-interest Ju's in him and his daughter. Byung-Su must now find a method to safeguard his daughter from Tae-Ju while his memory fades.


who is in the Cast of Memories of a Murderer?

In this movie, you will be see some of the best actors of the era like Sol Kyung-gu as Byung-Su, the former murderer, Nam-Gil Kim as Tae Ju, Seol Hyun Kim as Eun he and many co-artist with their wonderful acting made the movie a big hit and also had attracted many of the viewers in the market.

Critical Response

The review aggregators like IMDb have rated the movie with a rating of 7.2 out of 10, which was based on the review of 7400 critic viewers. 

Rotten Tomatoes approved a rating of 78%, which was based on the 150 reviews of the critics., with an average of 6 out of 10.

According to Metacritic, the film was approved with an average of 82 out of 100, which was based on the reviews of 17 critic viewers.

This shows that the movie has a good review.


Wrapping up

I hope you liked the plot of the movie, the storyline of the film is very interesting, and this was just a very brief overview of what really happened in the movie. So after reading this, if you liked it, you can watch the movie. The movie is one of those that can be termed as outstanding because it’s excellently written, and hats off to the director for careful planning this movie. 

if you were finding a movie or series to watch this weekend then this one is just the perfect one for you. You can watch it on Hulu. don't forget to mention how much you liked this movie after watching it.

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