Megha Thakur Death: What Happend to 21 Years Old Tiktok Star?

Megha Thakur Death: Megha Thakur was a breath of fresh air in the often disappointing world of social media. In a place where people are constantly bombarded with negative messages, it was hard to find a place of calm. Megha was more than a TikTok star.

She helped heal the wounds that come from living in a world where looks are so important. She took a funny and hopeful approach to body positivity. It was sad to hear recently that Magha had died at the age of 21. Here's what we know about what killed Megha Thakur.

What Caused Megha Thakur to Die?

In a touching post on Megha's Instagram, her parents said, “It is with heavy hearts we announce the light of our life, our kind, caring, and beautiful daughter, Megha Thakur, suddenly and unexpectedly passed away on November 24, 2022, in the early morning hours.”

They went on to talk about how short but important their daughter's life was. “Megha was a young woman who was sure of herself and had her own ideas,” they said. “She will be missed very much. She cared about her fans, and she would have wanted you to know that she had died.”


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Then, they asked her fans to send her “thoughts and prayers” and “blessings” for her “onward journey.” People were shocked and saddened by their news, and people in the comments section couldn't believe it was true.

At the time this was written, no one knew what caused her death. But in a July 2022 TikTok, Megha said that her anxiety was so bad that it caused her to have a heart attack. After the health scare, she stayed away from social media for a long time.

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One user sent Megha condolences and said she hoped she was okay. Megha said, “Thank you. I've been taking care of my mental and physical health, and I love you guys so much for still being here.”

Who Was Megha Thakur?

Megha Thakur was born on July 17, 2001, in Indore, India. She quickly rose to prominence as a social media star, amassing a large number of followers across multiple platforms. Thakur graduated from Mayfield Secondary School in 2019 and enrolled at Western University.

The same year, she made her TikTok debut, with her first video earning roughly 3,000 likes and 60,000 views. Her videos frequently incorporated references to celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid. Megha took her hand at modeling and walked the runway during the 2019 CAISA Fashion Show.


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The next year, she worked with Elite Model Management for six months. Megha later became popular for her comments on self-esteem and body positivity. Megha Thakur was also active on Instagram, where she had approximately 101,000 followers.

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These posts showed her in many settings, giving compelling ideas and captivating insights. Thakur was a social media sensation, but details regarding her real life are currently unavailable. Her parents and other family members survive her.