Meeting Between the Cff and the Clubs Through the New League

Serie A clubs avoid talking openly about movement leaders as they emerge to form a new league Brazil Championship – Fully CPF today. However, at this Tuesday (15) afternoon meeting, at the Federation headquarters in Rio, I was able to see the leaders leading the process.

As soon as the meeting began, the Chancellor Flamenco, Rodolfo Landim, responsible for reading Letter signed by 18 other clubs It described the group’s plans In addition to the letter, the club’s top hat from Covia took the floor to speak for the clubs to CBF directors at other times.

Landim, went with the President Athlete-P.R, Mario Celso Petraglia, one of the advocates of the decision to take the letter to the CFF after several discussions in chat groups on messaging applications. Petraglia also spoke a lot at this Tuesday’s meeting.

Four other club leaders were asked to speak, representing their colleagues and defending key points in the conversation with the CFF: Mauricio Caliot, from Palm trees, Romildo Paulson, from Guild, Guilherme Belindani, In Bahiya, And Alencar da Silveira Jr., from USA-MG.

After conversations and phone calls about WhatsApp since last week, the clubs secretly met this Tuesday morning. From there, along with the signed letter, they immediately sent the CFF. With no time for limbs or different movements, the idea was to take the federation by surprise.

The committee made it clear that it did not want to break with the CFF permanently and that it sees the organization as a partner in organizing the future league. The idea of ​​the teams is to take the important areas of the competition and they tend to participate less in the decisions of the federation.

Clubs want to reduce the weight of federations in elections and increase the representation of unions on vice presidents and strategic boards.

The CFF approves of the conversation and finds a calm tone

The CBF rated the meeting as positive and peaceful. Represented by Vice Presidents Gustavo Fijo, Castellar Neto, Fernando Sarni and Ednoldo Rodriguez, General Secretary Walter Feldman and some lawyers, the federation heard more than it said. He also promised to review all requests internally.

Who did not attend the meeting was Colonel Nunes, the company's executive chairman. Accustomed to travel, lunch and large gatherings, he said this time he was interested in joining so many people in a closed environment amidst the Govt-19 epidemics. The situation created discord among club leaders.

Now, the top caps of that company will work with the state federations to prevent them from forming a separate league from the CBP in the legislature.

A new dialogue is not yet planned, but both sides hope it can happen soon.

For now, the CPF summit will focus on political change between the removal of President Rogerio Caboglo. Immediately after the directors are removed from the scene, the vice presidents and federations will assess the political situation with the clubs.


The crisis of the Brazilian Football Federation (CFF) led to the removal of Rogerio Caboclo from the presidency, and Serie A clubs rallied behind the scenes. In conversations, through a group on WhatsApp, the idea of ​​a league organizing a national championship was born.

At the federation's headquarters, the leaders of 19 Serie A clubs – the game did not appear to have resigned from the presidency – signed a letter demanding the clubs' greater participation in the results, participation in the election of the company's presidents and legal change. The decision to create a football league to organize Campionado Brasillo.

Subsequently, Sport confirmed its support for the formation of the league in an official statement, as well as other points defended by first division clubs.

A garde of two clubs

Dear Sir,

By a unanimous vote of the present, 19 (nineteen) clubs from the “A” series of Brazilian football – revealing the total and absolute distance between the various events that have been accumulating over the years and the aspirations of the clubs that support football. Brazilian Professional and CFF Managed – Collected on this date and decided to accept the mails and resolutions listed below:

  1. – The need for immediate correction of files involving the greater contribution of clubs to organizational decisions and CPF management, acknowledging clubs as subsidiaries of this organization;
  2. – In the items of this legal amendment, equal voting must be included in the elections to elect the CPF President and Vice-Presidents, as the Confederations and Series “A” and “B” Clubs will count their votes. Monopoly system and with the same weight on each other;
  3. – In connection with a further legal amendment, the decision of the minimum requirements for the registration of slots contesting the election of this company has been added, eliminating the need for the support of eight (8) federations and five (5) clubs, regardless of whether they are clubs or federations launching tickets with the explicit support of at least 13 voters; And
  4. – Contact the decision to immediately create a football “league” in Brazil, which will soon be established and it will organize the Brazilian football championship and grow economically. In addition to the signed clubs, Series “B” clubs will be invited to join the “League”.

Clubs will take effective measures to complete their association so that, from the outside, they will use the administration of Brazilian football and its calendar.