Meet Kathy’s Parents Peter & Lily Fang!

Meet Kathy's Parents Peter & Lily Fang: In an interview published in August 2019 by Forbes, Kathy Fang discussed the significance of San Francisco's Chinatown to her family beyond the restaurants they opened there.

Recollections from as far back as her childhood was tucked away in various corners. Her passion for the region shows through both her food and her new TV show.

Chef Kathy Fang's culinary talent will be on full display in Food Network's Chef Dynasty: House of Fang, and viewers will also get to meet the people that inspired her to pursue a career in the food industry.

Her parents are the source of her deep appreciation for fine cuisine. Let's Meet Kathy's Parents Peter & Lily Fang and their delicious dynasty.

Let's Meet Chef Kathy Fang's Parents

Kathy, in a discussion with amNY, recalled a childhood rich in food and reverence for her parents. “When my parents established the restaurant, I was about 7 years old and they couldn't really afford daycare,” she recalled. “That was essentially my residence; I spent my days and nights there, even on school nights, until midnight.”

Peter and Lily Fang, Kathy's parents, relocated from Shangai to San Francisco in 1980. They didn't have any money and could hardly communicate with anyone in English. They, like many others, were looking to achieve the illusive “American dream” by way of the House of Nanking.

Meet Kathy's Parents Peter & Lily Fang

Prior to Peter and Lilly's move to the United States, Peter had already developed an unhealthy preoccupation with food and cookery. Wishful thinking can have them bringing some familiar comforts from their old country to their new one.

Lily's dad was from Nanking, China, therefore eight years later they built a restaurant called House of Nanking. Many diners were attracted to the restaurant because of Peter's skill in updating traditional Shanghaiese fare with American twists.

Peter even devised a clever plan to speed up the meal preparation process. He then started placing orders for his patrons and delivering their meals to their tables. His hallmark move was this.

Pete and Kathy opened Fang in 2009. From a young age on, she showed a remarkable ability to dissect a meal and determine its successes and failures.


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According to her father, “he would observe that I would eat something without my dad even asking, and I would be like, they have the best wontons because X, Y, and Z,” she explained to amNY. Chef Dynasty: House of Fang gives us a taste of the continued success of both the House of Nanking and the House of Fang.