Meaning of Salty Ice Cream: Tiktok Users Are Amazed by This Sentence

Over the last few years, some of the funniest, most controversial, and even cringe-worthy content has come from Tiktok. What does TikTok's “Salty ice cream” mean? The full phrase “Salty ice cream scooper” was first added to Urban Dictionary by Corey Miller in 2007.

“Salty ice cream scooper” refers to any man or woman who eats sperm that has been sitting around for more than two days. Most of the time, the donors take tablets that give the sperm a flavor. Here's everything you need to know about the TikTok trend of salty ice cream and what it really means.

What Does the Phrase “Salty Ice Cream” Mean on Tiktok?

Someone named Corey Miller was the first person to add the term “salty ice cream” to Urban Dictionary. Before the site explains what the phrase means, readers are warned that some of the content is disturbing and sexual.

On Urban Dictionary, anyone can post, and there's no good way to find out who posted what. Because of this, the site has a lot of strange words and phrases with strange meanings, like “salty ice cream.”

Meaning of Salty Ice Cream

You could have lived your whole life without knowing what this phrase means and not worried about it, but now everyone is Googling it because of the app TikTok.

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The meaning of “salty ice cream” on TikTok has shocked and disgusted so many people that a few people have even made videos to show how they felt when they found out what it meant. Most people who have looked up the definition have said that they wish they had stayed curious, so you can't say you weren't warned.

Tiktok Users Are Amazed by This Sentence

The article from Urban Dictionary has disturbing and se*ual content, so readers should be careful. Users of TikTok were shocked when they heard the definition, which is too clear to put here. You might also find the list of nine interesting random facts about the world interesting.

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Even so, it didn't take long for people to make things that showed how they felt about the meaning. “I should have just kept my natural curiosity,” said one user. Someone else said, “I'm sorry, but I've already said it.