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Mean Mums Season 4 Release Date: Has the Show Really Been Cancelled?

The third season of the New Zealand comedy series Mean Mums (2019-) premiered on August 18, and fans are already eagerly anticipating Season 4. Eight episodes were insufficient, especially after viewers waited two years for Season 3 due to Covid-19. If you, too, are curious about what lies next for these private school mothers, then keep reading for details on Season 4 of Mean Mums.

Mean Mums Season 4 Release Date: When Will It Air?

At this time, we have no confirmation that the show will be returning for a fourth season. A few days ago, a fan pleaded for the show's renewal in the comments section of an Instagram post from Mean Mums.

The account's administrator responded by pointing the commenter in the direction of Three, the New Zealand television network that airs the show. At this point, it appears that the decision as to whether or not Season 3 will be produced rests solely with Channel 3.

mean mums season 4 release date

Except for the pilot, which debuted a year earlier, the first season of the show premiered in July of 2019 and consisted of 8 episodes. The 2020 fall season premiered its second installment. As we've already mentioned, the pandemic delayed productions, so Season 3 didn't air for another two years.

Thus, in August of this year, we were able to watch Season 3. However, at this time it is unknown whether or not a new season will be produced. Instagram and Facebook account for the show have been silent about Season 4, so all we can do is wait.

If the program gets picked up for a fourth season, and fans get to see their favorite characters again, we can probably expect it to premiere sometime in late 2023.

Since most productions have returned to their pre-Covid timetables, we doubt that the program would need another 2 years to shoot the second season. Therefore, we anticipate the show's return to air in either November or December of 2023.

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Where Can I Find Mean Mums to Watch?

Mean Mums is now available on ThreeNow, an on-demand streaming platform in New Zealand that also features content from channel Three, as well as content from other networks like Bravo, Eden, Rush, and IGTV.

It's a shame that ThreeNow can only be used in New Zealand. Those living in other countries will need to find alternative ways to access the show. It's all right. For fans all over the world, the show is broadcast on a number of different services.

mean mums season 4 release date

The series is available on Peacock TV and Amazon Prime Video. Prime Video has a monthly subscription price of $8.99. You may add Prime Video to your existing Amazon Prime subscription for a total cost of $14.99 per month.

The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power, The Boys, The Terminal List, Paper Girls, and many more fantastic shows are currently available on Prime Video.

The American cable channel Peacock, which also has its own streaming service, is now accessible to viewers in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy.

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The monthly fee to use the service is only $4.99. Besides Mean Mothers, the service also features such shows as Yellowstone, Bates Motel, Downton Abbey, The Resort, and many more.

Where Did They Actually Film Mean Mums?

Production for Mean Mums took place in Auckland, New Zealand. There is no more important city in New Zealand than Auckland, which is located up north.

The West Auckland Primary School serves as the inspiration for this fictional institution. All of the shootings took place in 2021.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Created Mean Mums?

Created by Amanda Alison, Mean Mums is a New Zealand sitcom broadcast on Three.

Where can I watch Season 2 of Mean Mums?

Netflix, iTunes on Apple.

Where Was the Movie Mean Mums Shot?

Created in New Zealand by Amanda Alison, Mean Mums is a comedy that airs on Three. Moms at a posh private school are the focus of the television show. In 2018, Three's Comedy Pilot Week featured the debut of the series pilot.

How Many Mean Mums Seasons Are There?


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