June 22, 2021


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Mbappé praises Cristiano Ronaldo “professor” and protects Neymar from criticism: “Cara du Pem” | International football

One of the best candidates for the Ace title in the Euro Cup starting this Friday, forward Kylian Mbappé He gave an interview to the German newspaper “Built” in which he talked about one of the best stars of recent years: Cristiano Ronaldo. Since Portugal and France are in the same brackets, the Portuguese player will be the opponent for the young French star in the first round of the Euro.

– Cristiano Ronaldo has already made history. I only have a five-year career, I can’t compare myself to him – Mbappé, 22, talked about a photo he had as a child in which he had a CR7 poster on the wall.

– I was a child who dreamed of many things. Especially with a career like Cristiano Ronaldo. When Ronaldo plays, he cheers everyone who sees him, which has been with me for 15 years. I think all football fans love Cristiano Ronaldo. Players like him There are some players like him, I learned a lot from watching him play – PSG striker stressed.

In the interview, Mbappé also talked about another world football star: Neymar (who obviously does not play for the Euros, but who is Kylian’s partner at the French club).

– Neymar is one of my best friends. Many people misinterpret your attitude. (Last) Some scenes at the World Cup may be due. But I can guarantee: he is a good guy, many images about him are not true – Mbappé pointed out.

– This is our first game because of Germany. The German national team is full of young and very ambitious players. Also, they have recalled players like Thomas Mல்லller. We have to give 100% against two competitors, otherwise we will not achieve our goal: first place in the group – he said.

Leva, Conte, Mbabane, CR7, Newer … Euro Cup stars are the cards. Look at the bubble!

Mbappé also pointed out the favorites for the Euro Cup title.

– First, we must remember that the last four world champions are European teams (Editor’s note: After Brazil in 2002, Italy took the mug in 2006, Spain in 2010, Germany in 2014, and France in 2018.). So we are talking about a match with the best football in the world. France, Portugal, Germany, England, Spain, Italy and Holland are, in my opinion, the strongest.

Platini, CR7, Griezmann ... Look at the beautiful goals from the highest scorers in Euro history!

Platini, CR7, Griezmann … Look at the beautiful goals from the highest scorers in Euro history!

Neymar Poppy PSG – Photo: Frank Fife / AFP