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Mathieu Flamini Net Worth – How Did He Become a Billionaire Footballer?

Mathieu Flamini Net Worth: Former French professional footballer & current environmental entrepreneur, Mathieu Pierre Flamini was born on December 6, 1984. As a midfielder, he has donned the jerseys of several different clubs, including Marseille of France, Arsenal of England, Crystal Palace of England, Milan of Italy & Getafe of Spain. He has earned 3 caps for France at the international level. Flamini helped establish GF Biochemicals, the world’s first manufacturer of levulinic acid on a large scale.

Name Mathieu Flamini
Born 7 March 1984 
BirthPlace Marseille, France
Nationality French
Parents Roland Flamini, Mathea Flamini
Position Midfielder
Height 1.78 m

Mathieu Flamini’s Career

Flamini began his career in the Marseille youth system and made his first team debut in 2003-04, playing a key role in the club’s UEFA Cup final loss. After only 24 appearances for his local club, Arsenal swooped in that summer to sign Flamini to his first professional deal. Marseille’s manager at the time, Jose Anigo, was livid. “It represents a major betrayal. He put me to good use. Not signing pro with us was probably for the best financially.

Mathieu Flamini Net Worth

Although he was a vital cog for Arsenal, Flamini was never able to secure a starting role. Arsene Wenger didn’t want him to become a strong defensive midfielder because he liked his energy and adaptability more. Following the conclusion of his contract, he decided to move to Italy and sign with another of the most highly anticipated clubs in European soccer.

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The next season was practically over after a serious injury. Flamini resumed training with Arsenal in 2013–14 and subsequently re-signed with the team. During his second time in north London, he was relegated to the bench. After brief stints with Crystal Palace and Getafe, he eventually retired. He may not have fulfilled the promise of his signing with Arsenal, but he still had a career that many people would kill for.

Mathieu Flamini Net Worth

Flamini’s resume boasts stops at illustrious clubs like Arsenal and AC Milan. The bulk of his fortune, though, came from activities other than football. You may have heard that he is a footballing millionaire with as much as €30 billion in the bank. In 2008, Flamini and his business partner Pasquale Granata established a firm called GF Biochemicals. Levulinic acid is an alternative fuel that this firm specialises in generating. GF Biochemical’s ultimate goal is to reorganise the multitrillion dollar energy sector worldwide.

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Ventures of Mathieu Flamini

Mathieu Flamini bases his enterprise around GF Biochemicals. Former Arsenal player Flamini co-founded the firm with Italian entrepreneur Pasquale Granata after moving to AC Milan. However, Flamini’s association with the firm was unknown to the public until 2015.

Mathieu Flamini Net Worth

Speaking with the British newspaper The Sun, Flamini disclosed that he has bankrolled a venture with the goal of one day supplanting the use of fossil fuels. GF Biochemicals established itself as the pioneer in commercial levulinic acid production. GF Biochemicals produced 2,000 tonnes of levulinic acid at the end of 2015.

The firm has worked with Pisa University and Milan’s Polytechnic University to find a sustainable oil replacement and begin producing it commercially. After considering all of its options, the corporation ultimately opted to focus on producing levulinic acid because of its high profitability and viability. GF Biochemicals employed 400 people in 2020, 80 of them were industrial workers.

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Flamini’s 2018 release was a skincare brand called Unity, co-created with his ex-Arsenal colleague Mesut Ozil. All Unity products are made using organic components, reflecting the shared passion of the company’s creators for environmental sustainability. A portion of Unity’s earnings are given to organisations that aid children who have been impacted by conflict and climate change.

Achievements of Mathieu Flamini

  • FA Cup – 2004-05, 2013-14, 2014-15
  • Community Shield – 2014
  • Serie A – 2010-11
  • Arsenal Player of the Season – 2007-08

Mathieu Flamini’s Instagram

Flamini uses many social media sites, particularly Twitter and Instagram. The midfielder has over 150,000 Twitter followers and close to 400,000 Instagram followers.


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Mathieu Pierre Flamini was born December 6, 1984 in Marseille, France. He helped establish GF Biochemicals, the world’s first manufacturer of levulinic acid. He is a multi-millionaire with as much as €30 billion in the bank. The bulk of his fortune came from activities other than football, such as an energy firm.

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