Masameer County Season 3 Release Date: Rating And Reviews Of Masameer County!

Masameer County is a Saudi animated comedy series that provides a lighthearted look at the modernization of Saudi Arabia. The show follows the outrageous exploits of eccentric locals like Bandar, Saltooh, Trad, Adel, and others as they traverse Masameer County. Abdulaziz Alshehri, Mazroa Almazroa, Lama Alfard, and others lend their voices to the characters on the show created by Abdulaziz Almuzaini and Malik Nejer.

The first season of the show premiered on Netflix in 2021 and consisted of six episodes; the second season premiered in 2023 and comprised eight episodes. The show's animation style and voice acting, as well as its witty, irreverent, and topical humor, have been praised by critics and viewers alike. The show uses satire to explore a wide range of subjects, including Saudi culture, politics, the media, technology, religion, and more.

Fans of Masameer County here's everything you need to know about the show's upcoming third season.

Overview Of Masameer County Season 3

Series Name Masameer County
No. of Seasons 2
Writer Abdulaziz Almuzaini, Malik Nejer
Director Malik Nejer
Cast Faris Godus, HGM Moe Ji One, Ibrahim Al Hajjaj
Genre Animation, Comedy, Drama
Production Myrkott Animation Studio
Country of Origin Saudi Arabia
Origin Language Arabic
Available Languages Arabic, English
First Season Release On Thu Jul 01, 2021 (Season 1)
Second Season Release On Thu Mar 02, 2023 (Season 2)
Latest Season Release On TBA
Runtime 20 min
Streaming On Netflix

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Masameer County Season 3 Release Date

Netflix has not announced when Season 3 of Masameer County will be available. But given the show's track record, we can anticipate a return in the year 2024. Season one premiered in July 2021, and season two followed in March 2023. If there is a similar gap between seasons, then we could see Season 3 in late 2024 or early 2025.

A number of factors—including the production schedule, the pandemic situation, the demand from Netflix, and the availability of the cast and crew—could cause the actual release date to be different from this estimate. Once Netflix has confirmed a premiere date for Season 3 of Masameer County, we will update this article accordingly.

Masameer County Season 3 Plot Line

Season 3 of Masameer County will follow the eccentric citizens of the made-up Saudi Arabian town and their ongoing adventures. It's likely that the show will take on new narrative directions and themes in light of recent developments in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere. The show's trademark humor and satire will continue to poke fun at different aspects of Saudi culture and society.

Stories from a global media war, a long-standing tribal feud, an extreme health craze, a perilous 24-hour mission, a shocking elevator ride, and a rocket launch that has gone rogue were featured in Season 2 of Masameer County. More stories that highlight the show's writers' creativity and diversity might be included in the third season.

Masameer County  season 3 release date

  • Season 3 of Masameer County could feature the following potential storylines:
  • Masameer County is thrown into chaos by a mysterious virus outbreak.
  • Bandar becomes embroiled in a malicious cybercrime plot.
  • After being promised enlightenment and happiness, Saltooh and Trad decide to join a cult.
  • Adel makes an effort to win over his crush by becoming a popular figure on social media.
  • A radical new mayor in Masameer County causes friction by pushing controversial policies.
  • Alien invaders land in Masameer County and promptly wreck everything.

These are merely suggestions, and the actual stories may take a very different path. More information about Season 3 of Masameer County's plot will be available in the show's official synopsis or trailer.

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Masameer County Season 3 Cast

Masameer County Season 3 will likely feature the same cast members as the previous seasons, as they have become synonymous with their characters. The main cast members are:

Actor Characters
Abdulaziz Alshehri Bandar, Saltooh, Trad, and others
Mazroa Almazroa Adel
Lama Alfard Dr. Hekma
Mohammed Sendi Floyd June weather
Fahad Albutairi Khalaf
Shahad Alahmari Bandar’s mother
Shaalan Alshaalan Aljaik Oldman
Shafi Alharthi Security Officer
Khalid Khalifa AlSa’ayed Abdulaziz
Malik Nejer Elevator Pitch
Yousef Aldakheel Librarian
Ibraheem Hajjaj Astronaut
Nawaf Alshubaili Cosplay judge
Sohayb Godus Abdulbaset

The third season could also introduce some new characters or guest stars that will add more flavor and fun to the show.

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Where To Watch Masameer County Season 3

Due to the fact that Masameer County is an original series produced by Netflix, viewers will only be able to access Season 3 of the show through that platform. If you want to watch the show online, you will need a subscription to Netflix. You can also save the episodes to your device and watch them when you're not connected to the internet.

Masameer County Season 3 Trailer

Masameer County Season 3 does not have a trailer yet, as it is still in production. Netflix usually releases trailers for its shows a few weeks or months before their premiere dates. Therefore, we can expect to see a trailer for Masameer County Season 3 sometime in 2024 or early 2025.

Until then, you can watch the trailer for Masameer County Season 2 here: CLICK HERE to watch

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Rating And Reviews Of Masameer County

Masameer County  season 3 release date

The show in question is an exceptional example of contemporary computer animation. It is entertaining to watch because it expertly combines satire, wit, and social commentary in a way that is natural and unobtrusive. The top-notch animation features fluid movements and character designs with expressive facial expressions, both of which help to bring the world to life. The writing is witty and acerbic at the same time.


In conclusion, the news that the third season of “Masameer County” will not be released when it was originally scheduled is, without a doubt, discouraging for the dedicated viewers of the show. However, it is essential to keep in mind that the decision to renew a play is influenced by a number of different factors.

Some of these factors include the number of viewers that the show receives, how well it is rated, and the amount of money that it costs to produce.

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