Martina Cariddi Net Worth 2022: Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Height, Career & Viral News

Martina Cariddi is an actress and model from Spain. She is well-known for her excellent job in Elite, a famous Spanish Netflix drama series.

She played Menica Blanco, and people liked how strong and brave she was in the role. Martina Cariddi is well known for her role in The Invisible Guardian, a movie that came out in 2017.

Cariddi was born in Madrid in 2001. She is very active on social media and posts updates often about her new movies and TV shows.

Biography of Martina Cariddi

Martina Cariddi was born in 2001 and will be 21 years old in 2022, even though the actress was born under the sign of Gemini. Furthermore, Gemini's element is air, and its symbol is Twins.

Martina Cariddi Net Worth

Cariddi had her early education at a nearby private school. She later studied at the Municipal School of Dramatic Art in Madrid. Martina also studied acting at the Cristina Rota Center in Madrid and the Estudio Juan Codina.

Angela Cariddi (mother), a journalist, and Eduardo Basanta Mendez (father) gave birth to the fashionable actress in a Spanish household. Martina is likewise a Christian and of White Italian origin.

Martina grew up in a lovely family and is of Spanish origin. She also grew up in a happy home with her brother Walter Basanta Cariddi. The actress speaks Spanish and Italian fluently.

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Career as an Actor: Movies and Tv Shows

Martina Cariddi took acting classes at a well-known center because she loves acting and cares a lot about people. While she was learning, she put on a few plays and dramas. Martina also took acting classes at Madrid's Municipal School of Dramatic Art.


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Martina Cariddi went to Estudio Juan Codina to learn how to dance. She also took basic acting classes at the Cristina Rota Center in Madrid, where she studied acting. She loves performing a lot and is also very good at it.

Talent is an important asset. She made her acting debut in the movie The Invisible Guardian in 2017. Martina's drama was so powerful that it took her straight to Hollywood.

But when Netflix asked her to work with them, things got better. This chance could have changed Martin Cariddi's life, and he took it. She had a lot of fans because of her talent.

Martina Cariddi: Net worth

It is thought that Martina Cariddi has a net worth of around $5 million. Her assets, money, and income add to her net worth. Martina's primary way to make money is through her job as a TV personality.

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Martina Cariddi Net Worth

Martina Cariddi is known for being on time and having a lot of respect for the art she does. Not much is known or written about what she owns. Due to her fame and wealth, she can live a very comfortable life. But she chose to be quiet and unassuming.

Martina Cariddi: Relationship Status

Ivan Pellicer, also an actor, is in a relationship with the beautiful actress Martina Cariddi. Many cute and romantic pictures of the couple can be found on their Instagram accounts.

The fact that Martina Cariddi is dating Ivan Pellicer has made her fans even more interested and excited. At first, there were rumors that the two might be dating. But after a while, the couple made it clear that they were dating by saying so.

Body Measurement, Height, Weight, and Education

Cariddi is about 58 kilograms and 5 feet 6 inches tall. Martina has dark brown hair and eyes, but nothing is known about her body. She has a tattoo on her left thigh and an oval face.

Martina Cariddi Net Worth

Before she went to the Municipal School of Dramatic Art in Madrid, Martina went to a private school in the area. She then went on to take acting classes at the Cristina Rota Center and the Estudio Juan Codina.

Some Interesting Facts About Martin Cariddi

  • Martin Cariddi is an animal lover who frequently shares photos of her pets on her Instagram.
  • Martin Cariddi has returned to her homeland. The gifted actress has performed in theatre productions. Nonetheless, she has a hectic schedule.
  • She has a strong personality and is known for raising awareness about breaking the old traditional homophobic thinking.
  • She currently has over 2.8 million Instagram followers with a verified account.


Martin Cariddi is a professional actor and model who has previously performed in the theatre. She completed her research before making her way to Hollywood.

Martin is a young woman, only 21 years old. But she has already amassed substantial wealth for herself. She enjoys traveling and frequently provides sites for her followers to investigate.