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Marrying Millions Season 3 Release Date: Will It Be Renewed?

Because Lifetime and reality TV series go together like peas in a pod, it's no surprise that Marrying Millions Season 3 is in high demand from viewers. Marrying Millions, which premiered in 2019, has steadily climbed the ratings since its launch.

In the first season finale, more than 400.000 people tuned in, making it one of Lifetime's most successful reality series. Marrying Millions of fans may be wondering if the program will include any more unusual pairings.

If this is the case, you're not alone. Do not be alarmed, however! Let us tell you all you need to know about Season 3 of Marrying Millions.

Will There Be a Marrying Millions Season 3?

Although Lifetime has not yet made any official comment concerning the likelihood of Marrying Millions Season 3, based on the show's massive success, it appears that the network will most likely order a third season of the show.

However, even if there are claims and suspicions that the program is too scripted, the show gains popularity as viewers tune in to see if there's any truth in the charges.

The fact that Marrying Millions star Bill Hutchinson is already facing sexual assault charges for allegedly attacking a minor girl makes the circumstance much more complicated than Lifeline had anticipated.

It's possible that Marrying Millions won't be back on the air for a time, even if there will be a third season of the program. This is to prevent the show's reputation from suffering significant harm.

The real estate magnate responded to the charges by expressing that he hoped his coworkers and friends would give him the benefit of the doubt until he established his innocence in court and that he denied any allegations that were charged against him. He also rejected any claims that were accused of him.

Who Will Appear in Marrying Millions Season 3?

Since Bull Hutchinson is mentioned in the thread, it's possible that the drama and inside tales of Bill and Bill's relationship won't be shown due to the charges eating away his fortune.

According to the New York Post, Bill sold his luxurious Miami vacation property for $10 million after his legal difficulties and listed his Laguna Beach residence for $6.885 million and his Carmel, California residence for $9.5 million, respectively. And his controversy is far from ended.

As a result of his arrest in Texas, Bill was charged with a second-degree felony for “inappropriate touching, including massages and groping” on a 17-year-old victim in his Texas apartment. But Bill Hutchinson has also consistently denied the accusations after his incarceration.

The show's attention might shift to Erica Moser and Rick Sykes, who may or may not have remained single after their wedding. If the show is renewed for a third season, more stories may be told.


What Can We Expect From Marrying Millions Season 3?

The idea of Marrying Millions is straightforward: it follows the lives of odd couples who are wealthy and unattainable to most of us. That is why the program is so popular on Lifetime: it allows us to envision what it would be like to marry someone who is not only older than us but also older than us by a significant amount of time but also has a lot of wealth.

The pair from the first season, Bill Hutchinson and Brianna Ramirez, who have an age gap that would make anyone raise an eyebrow (Bill is 61 years old and Brianna is 21 years old), addressed the rumors and discussed why they fall for each other.

Bill insisted to Parade that he was not a stalker, that the situation was not strange, and that he was not acting creepy by going to that restaurant and staring at the young girl. “I had a strong desire to talk to her.

She left quite an impression on me. I saw her attractive, and the idea crossed my mind that she must possess a kind nature. I did have the chance to meet her; first, we became friends; we'd speak; we'd go out for coffee; gradually, those things led to other dates; ultimately, they led to where we are now; it's a lovely tale.

Are you a fan of the program, and are you looking forward to finding out more about Marrying Millions Season 3? We can only assume this is the reason for the show's considerable success. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below, and if you're looking for more fantastic shows to check out, you've come to the perfect place: The Awesome One!

Rating & Review for Marrying Millions Season 3


When it's the pair with the most significant age gap, it's particularly fascinating and touching. Even though they appear to be dating their granddad, many singles want to get married to increase their financial security. The show's premise is just brilliant. Those who adore romantic comedies may find something to love in this program.


Five stars on IMDB for Marrying Millions. Marrying Millions has a freshness percentage of 56% in rotting tomatoes. This program is rated for children ages 11 and above. Although the show's IMDB rating isn't spectacular, you'll still like it. It's filled with suspense and the possibility of a passionate relationship. In a way, it's like a dream come true.

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