Married at First Sight: Are Katie and Derek Still Together? Check Everything!

Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman, one of five couples featured on Season 10 of Lifetime's smash experimental reality series Married at First Sight, felt an instant connection when they met at the altar.

So far, both reality stars have had a very drama-free season and look to be genuinely interested in each other. However, Katie had some misgivings shortly before the wedding after an ex contacted her & asked her not to marry Derek & it appears like the two may face some more troubles in the future, according to Season 10 promotions.

With their marital problems beginning to emerge in recent episodes of the show, fans may be wondering if the two were able to work through their issues and make things work, or if they split up after the experiment finished.

Are Katie and Derek still together? Although it's still too early to anticipate with precision, we have some ideas about what might happen between the two. Continue reading to know about Katie and Derek's relationship status.

Who is Katie?

Katie has worked in the field of mental health for 27 years. Her treatment of her then-husband Derek Sherman during season 10 of Married, at First Sight, has made her a divisive character among fans of the show.

Who Is Derek?

Derek has 28 years of expertise in the field of cybersecurity engineering. He wed his controversial ex-wife Katie Conrad on Season 10 of Married at First Sight. Derek is living a full life with his family in Washington, D.C., USA. Actively maintains his Instagram account by posting frequently.

Katie and Derek's Journey on Married at First Sight

Katie, a mental health professional in her early twenties, and Derek, an information security engineer in his late twenties, were matched up because of their same values and interests. Their parent's separation meant that they both came from broken homes.

Are Katie and Derek Still Together

Katie was beginning to have her concerns about marriage, but Derek was still very much in love with the idea. They were drawn to each other because they valued family in comparable ways.

Sparks flew as soon as they met, and it was clear they were a good fit. The pair was married with the help of their relatives. An outbreak of fighting and arguing followed shortly after.

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They were having trouble settling into married life not long after returning from their honeymoon. However, Katie's insecurities caused Derek to lose patience, despite his usual kind nature. Katie didn't approve of the way Derek was getting close to the other women in the cast emotionally.


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Thus, tensions and disputes arose frequently. Katie was worried that she and Derek didn't have enough in common intellectually. She thought he was immature and unrealistic in his aspirations and behavior.

The pair resolved to work things out despite emotional difficulties and their efforts to maintain a stable married existence. On Decision Day, they both said they wanted to try to make their marriage work.

Are Katie and Derek Still Together?

The short answer is no, unfortunately. The pair announced their divorce in the episode where they reunited. Derek was determined that they should divorce and live separately. It looked like Derek was the only one making an attempt to save the marriage in the few months they had together.

Katie appeared to have given up on them long ago. Derek's confession that Katie had cheated on him repeatedly with her ex was one of the most shocking moments of the reunion episode. He and a couple of the other cast members claim that Katie cheated on Derek soon after they got back from their honeymoon. Katie vehemently refuted the claim.

Are Katie and Derek Still Together

Derek added that Katie had begun to avoid him after the session concluded. She initially told Derek that she was just interested in a platonic friendship, but he encouraged her to have an open mind and give their relationship a try. She eventually moved her bed to a different room.

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After Derek had been patient for long enough, Katie's confession that she had been having an affair with her ex was the final straw. Derek admitted that the couple's failure to communicate properly was a major factor in the breakdown of their marriage. In his words, he was devastated to learn of her infidelity.

Previously private, Derek and Katie have re-released their Instagram posts to the world. Their social media accounts give conflicting information about their marital status. Despite their apparent intention to divorce in the reunion episode, the pair continues to post photos of themselves together online.

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