Uncovering the Mystery of Marlene’s Death in The Last of Us – The Plot Thickens!

Once Marlene explains what the Fireflies want to do to Ellie in the climactic scene of The Last of Us, Joel has no choice except to battle and kill them. Merle Dandridge plays Marlene.

Marlene makes her debut in the pilot episode of The Last of Us. She had held Ellie captive for several days to see if she would become infected during that time. Ellie had already had a bite on her arm, but she had not yet shown any symptoms, suggesting that she is resistant to cordyceps.

The Fireflies believed that Ellie had the key to curing cordyceps and bringing the world back to normal. At that moment, keeping Ellie safe was an absolute priority. The base they were sheltering in is assaulted, unfortunately.

Marlene and her companion were afraid they would be killed in combat, so Marlene begged Joel and Tess, who had come to seek their vehicle battery, to take Ellie to a Fireflies camp in the west.

If they can get Ellie there unharmed, the Fireflies will reward them with more than just a vehicle battery, as Marlene had promised. Ellie didn't see Marlene again until the Fireflies relocated to Salt Lake City.

Marlene's Death in The Last of Us…..

To What End Does Joel Reject Marlene & the Fireflies?

Fireflies ambush Joel and Ellie out of nowhere. They're taken back to their home base. After returning, Joel finds Marlene resting next to him. Marlene can't believe Ellie made it across the country in Joel's care without a scratch.

Even though she had five people looking out for her, she was almost slain. Joel is quick to give Ellie the credit she deserves for her bravery and intelligence. Marlene insists on talking about how she should have died on day one.

Marlene's Death in The Last of UsWhen Joel asks about Ellie, Marlene explains that she owes him and that she has surgery coming up. To Joel's horror, he discovers that the operation could cut Ellie's life short. Joel tries to persuade Marlene otherwise, but he fails to do so.

The Fireflies take him outdoors & show him the way. Joel, overcome with emotion, seizes the opportunity to battle the Fireflies as they go. After killing every Firefly in his path, Joel manages to save Ellie.

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When Did Joel Decide to Murder Marlene?

To prevent Joel from leaving with Ellie, Marlene confronts him in the parking lot. She tries to convince him that he cannot guarantee her safety indefinitely. She will eventually grow up, and Joel will die.

Without him, she risks being attacked by the infected or killed by raiders. Joel must watch Ellie suffer through a world that Marlene says he might have fixed. Marlene suggests that Joel think about what Ellie would have preferred.

At least in her mind, Marlene would have made the ethical choice. The idea had crossed Joel's mind. While no one else could help him, Ellie did. With Sarah, it's as if he were given the do-over he'd always hoped for.

Because of his feelings for Ellie, Joel decides to abandon all hope & flee to an unknown location. When Marlene begs to be spared, he shoots her down, puts Ellie in the car & then returns to finish her off. If Joel is correct, she will never give up looking for them. This prompts him to immediately end Marlene's life.

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